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Luminar AI

the art of intelligent photography

With minimal effort, even more creative photographers are singlehandedly developing and realising their ideas even faster, and especially with the help of the new Luminar AI.


At the core of Luminar AI, it’s the engine that makes all the difference…

The most noticeable thing about the new Luminar AI, compared to conventional photo editors, is the lack of steps required to perform an action.

With the help of AI technology, Luminar allows users to easily bypass the need for all the fiddly preparatory editing tasks, such as masking, cloning, airbrushing, or other, and gets straight to the “results“ part of the editing process faster.

This is because Luminar uses intelligent data that combines the editing behaviour of expert photographers from around the world…

Inside Luminar AI

The practical benefits of artificial intelligence and photo processing or editing.

We probably come into contact with something that makes use of artificial intelligence, in some way, more frequently than we care to realize. And that includes AI and photography.

So, AI technology is far from new. What is new though, is the way in which software developers are incorporating the power of AI technology within the software they design. In many cases, you won’t even know it’s there.
Now, as I mentioned earlier, Luminar AI generally works by calculating suggestions for different editing actions that have been learned from professional photography artists, based on the typical editing behavior for different situations.

One exciting feature you will enjoy the experience of using is how Luminar analyzes your images and works as if it knows where you wish to make improvements or enhancements, and targets just the specific areas you are interested in editing. It’s like magic! This works especially well with portrait photography.

Of course, there may be certain images that work better than others due to quality. However, overall, Luminar as a standalone app or “plug-in,” conveniently allows switching between your other editing software.