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Introducing Sky Replacement

Now, don’t get confused with the newer and highly advance Luminar AI Update. No, we’re going back in time, with a collection of Skylum’s assets demonstrating the new and enhanced features added over the years.

Luminar 4 1200x900 1

It was the year 2016, just before the full; from the ground up, AI treatment to what we now know as Luminar AI . 

During this time and along the way, there has been a number of interesting developments which have caused quite an interesting ‘stir’ in the creative industry.

For example:
Luminar’s Sky Replacement Tools made a great impact when it launched, allowing user to effortlessly change sky backgrounds without all the manual masking, messing with layers, and other often necessary tasks found with conventional image editing.

Introducing Portrait Photography Tools

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Cleaning up portraits often requires some delicate touches. You don’t want to over do things though, plus, you don’t want to be spending hours tinkering with preparatory time consuming tasks.

Luminar 4 has made editing eyes, lips, brows and skin easier than applying make up… 

And you’re always in control with a simple slider… Make significant to subtle changes in seconds.

portrait photographer after

Introducing Augmented Sky Tool


The storytelling goes further with Augmented Sky. Create stunning compositions in minutes.

Introducing AI Structure

luminar 4 aurora bundle 600x386 1

Luminar 4 Photo editing, image manipulation

Developer(s)  Skylum Software

Release November 17, 2016

Operating System Windows, macOS

“Luminar eliminates the boring tedious tasks that takes the joy out of photo-editing…”


– Luminar AI  
 X Member


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