Luminar 4 – Photography Showcase.

 Luminar 4  sports a sleeker, minimalist styled interface with access to filters that fall under 4 groups:



1. Essentials

2. Creative

3. Portrait

4. Professional

repent and repent vig
(a) Vuiex Fort, St.Luicia

golf caddy sky luminar copy
(c) Castries, St.Luicia


photography and editing piton dramatic sky using luminar 1200
(b) Soufriere, St.Lucia (the Pitons)

unicorn st lucia
(d) St.Lucia (the Unicorn)



About the photos

The photo examples above are from my archives which I have revisited using Skylum’s Luminar 4.  Taken on the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia, here is a brief description of each photo.

a) Repent and Pray – I believe the woman sat outside the old house was known as Ma Webb of Vieux Fort Town. But, what first drew my attention was the chalkboard message reading; “St. Lucians Repent and Pray and Pray” – a testimony of the religious background. 

b) The Pitons are the two volcanic plugs that have helped to make Soufriere so famous. Besides the popular drive-in volcano, there is also the Sulphur Springs known for its therapeutic mineral baths.

c) A Spot of Golf?  This was taken somewhere in the North of Saint Lucia – just one of the popular golf courses ( So I was told by my driver). “Okay, I’ll take a shot!”

d) The Brig Unicorn – That famous ship used in movies such as, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Roots and a few other movies. Fortunately, this shot was taken just before the ship was damaged in an accident. see more

My thoughts on Luminar 4

From the perspective of a graphic artist, who’s familiar with the likes of Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo. I have to say that where it comes to editing photos fast. Skylum software provides the most satisfying and simple to use photo editing solutions l would recommend to anyone involved with producing images for their commercial work. Or rather, graphic designs. And this is even if you already use Adobe Photoshop (for retouching and image manipulation).


I feel it just gets you to where you want in terms of a satisfying appearance faster!


You see, Luminar also doubles up as a plugin/extension. So you can actually use it alongside Photoshop and Photos for MacOs… (check for other compatible programs)

Anyway, as I was previously leading on to say; Skylum has changed the game yet again with its machine learning software, intelligent enough to pick out specific areas of a photo and allow you to edit without masking. You really need to explore this yourself. For example, the Portrait, Structure and Sky Replacement filters work almost magically…

Now, speaking of magic, and not to get me wrong, Luminar will not make you a photographer. However, it certainly can rescue those dull, over or under exposed photos of yours. As well as save you a lot of time. 

Use Luminar for creating stylised images and photo-illustrations to add mood and drama when telling your story.

Mum Theres A Rocket Outside 1200


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More Photos from My Saint Lucia Travels

luminar poloroid
marine life st lucia brianfrancis softwarefolder
pitons ©brianfrancis softwarefolder 0068 960 1
boats at rodney bay960