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Discovering Aerial Photography

Image Editing Software



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Aerial Photography editing examples:

Skylum software | Photos by ©Trey Ratcliff

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Practical Aerial Photography Uses

With the many uses for aerial photography, such as for; environmental planning, conveyancing, cartography (map making) etc. Videography and photography are two creative practices that can readily benefit from using a drone quadcopter for aerial video footage or photography.

Besides the use of helicopters, customized rigs on film sets and other means. Aerial photography using remote controlled drone quad-copters is increasingly picking up pace in the professional workplace as well as with the advanced hobbyist.

Which Drone Quadcopter?

Chinese tech firm DJI are well known for the manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles and are also responsible for the introduction of some of the worlds leading and advanced drone quad-copters available on the market. DJI (Da-Jing Innovations)

Below: The DJI Mavic Pro (available at Amazon) Read more: Best 3 Camera Featured Drones


Whilst DJI GO allows you to capture and share content by connecting to your computer; smartphone or tablet . AirMagic by Skylum is the state-of-the-art AI solution for aerial photography image correction. However, with the latest Skylum updates, It would be best to try out Luminar AI and Luminar Neo

Skylum Nostalgia

AirMagic horizontal 600

AirMagic, the AI-powered photo editing software for aerial photography

When Skylum introduced AirMagic. I Bet the first thing you thought was; What can AirMagic do that Luminar 4 can’t?

AirMagic is an automated solution for drone and aerial photographers that helps improve images faster…

aerial first knowSee the newer Luminar Share

The Aerial Photo Enhancer

AirMagic will be going live soon and will offer a lot more than just intelligent photo editing. Be amongst the first to take advantage of AirMagic and Pre-order today

How Airmagic Works

By first detecting the drone camera used AirMagic also analyses the colour profile and lens. And then goes on to automatically make lens corrections and other camera-specific optimisations. Each photograph is processed by smart algorithms and Artificial Intelligence that evaluate and apply necessary modifications such as colour reveal, haze removal, sky enhancement… AirMagic is available for both Mac & PC, and is the relatively new offering from the ‘labs’ at Skylum software. AirMagic stands alongside the increasingly popular photo editing and digitals asset management software Luminar. The problem with drone photography is that the images tend to lack contrast and may suffer artefacts due to refraction and other phenomenon.


Fortunately, AirMagic can save you from all the hard work, using smart algorithms and AI to automatically fix the typical issues found with aerial photography.


How it actually works:


Providing AirMagic is able to recognise the drone camera used to produce an image, it then checks the lens and colour profile, and makes the necessary corrections and optimisations. You can make tweaks to get exactly what you want from there.


It’s Fast and Simple!


Improve multiple photos of any image format, including RAW files. With AirMagics one-click interface batch processes multiple images at a time. Plus you can use its as a plugin for both Photoshop and Lightroom.


Now Imagine this… AirMagic has been designed specifically for resolving the common issues inherent with aerial photography. You can take photos with the confidence of enhancing even your least impressive photos… 

IMPORTANT: The use of drones are prohibited in certain locations. Please check or at least be aware of any rules that may apply to you and where you intend on flying your drone. US – Learn more here UK – Learn more here (want to help us help others? why not provide a link to a website that provides regulation details on flying drones on our Facebook Page)