Discovering Aerial Photography

With the many uses for aerial photography, such as for; environmental planning, conveyancing, cartography (map making) etc. Videography and photography are two creative practices that can readily benefit from using a drone quadcopter for aerial video footage or photography.

Besides the use of helicopters, customised rigs on film sets and other means. Aerial photography using remote controlled drone quad-copters is increasingly picking up pace in the professional workplace as well as with the advanced hobbyist.

Chinese tech firm DJI are well known for the manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles and are also responsible for the introduction of some of the worlds leading and advanced drone quad-copters available on the market.

DJI (Da-Jing Innovations)

Below: The DJI Mavic Pro (available at Amazon)

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IMPORTANT: The use of drones are prohibited in certain locations. Please check or at least be aware of any rules that may apply to you and where you intend on flying your drone.

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Whilst DJI GO allows you to capture and share content by connecting to your computer; smartphone or tablet .

AirMagic by Skylum is the state-of-the-art AI solution for aerial photography image correction.


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