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Luminar Neo

Skylum’s New Vision for AI Powered Luminar Neo

With aims of developing Luminar Neo as a one-stop creative photo editing toolkit, what could be a more natural way forward…

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Skylum Reinventing Traditional Photo Editing.

Introducing Luminar Neo Photo Editing Extensions

Skylum’s New Vision for AI Powered Luminar Neo

With aims of developing Luminar Neo as a one-stop creative photo editing toolkit, what could be a more natural approach forward than the introduction to Extensions.

Extensions are a convenient way to “Plug-in” additional tools to Luminar Neo’s sleek interface which already is fully equipped with powerful editing tools.

Currently (at time of writing) you can now pre-order Noiseless AI, which due for release shortly, for a special price.

Extensions Jigsaw

6 Luminar Neo Extensions


Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editing app developed by Skylum Software that offers a range of powerful editing tools and features to enhance and transform your images. 

Luminar Neo extends its functionality through various extensions, each designed to address specific editing needs and provide users with a comprehensive editing experience. Here’s a description of each of Luminar Neo’s extensions:


The Supersharp extension in Luminar Neo is designed to enhance the sharpness and clarity of your images. It utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and sharpen the details in your photos, resulting in crisp and well-defined edges. With Supersharp, you can bring out intricate details and make your images appear more visually striking and professional.


The Upscale extension in Luminar Neo enables you to enlarge and enhance the resolution of your images without losing quality. Using sophisticated upscaling algorithms, this extension helps preserve important details and textures when increasing the image size. Whether you want to print large-format images or showcase your work on high-resolution displays, the Upscale extension ensures your images maintain their clarity and sharpness.

Focus Stacking

The Focus Stacking extension in Luminar Neo is a valuable tool for photographers who want to achieve greater depth of field and sharpness in their images.

By combining multiple images taken at different focus distances, this extension intelligently blends the in-focus areas, resulting in a final image with extended depth of field and enhanced overall sharpness.

Focus Stacking is particularly useful in macro photography or landscape shots where maintaining sharpness across the entire frame is challenging.

Background Removal AI

The Background Removal AI extension in Luminar Neo utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically remove or replace the background of your photos. This extension makes it easier to isolate subjects and create clean, professional-looking compositions.

By accurately detecting the subject and intelligently separating it from the background, you can easily replace the original background with a different image or create transparent backgrounds for easy compositing.

Panorama Stitching

The Panorama Stitching extension in Luminar Neo allows you to seamlessly combine multiple images into a panoramic view. This extension automatically aligns and blends the individual images, ensuring a smooth transition between them.

With Panorama Stitching, you can capture vast landscapes or wide-angle scenes that cannot fit within a single frame, creating stunning panoramic images with impressive detail and a wide field of view.

Magic Light

The Magic Light extension in Luminar Neo is designed to enhance and manipulate lighting conditions in your photos. With this extension, you can add or adjust light sources, modify the direction and intensity of light, and even create dramatic lighting effects.

Whether you want to enhance existing lighting or create a completely new lighting setup, Magic Light gives you control over the atmosphere and mood of your images.

HDR Merge

The HDR Merge extension in Luminar Neo enables you to create high dynamic range (HDR) images by merging multiple exposures of the same scene. This extension intelligently blends the different exposures to capture a wider range of tones, from shadows to highlights, resulting in a final image with enhanced detail and balanced exposure.

HDR Merge is useful in situations with extreme contrast, such as landscape or interior photography, where you want to capture the full dynamic range of a scene.

Noiseless AI

The Noiseless AI extension in Luminar Neo utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce or eliminate noise from your photos. It analyzes the image and intelligently removes unwanted noise while preserving important details and textures. Whether you’re working with low-light images or high ISO settings, Noiseless AI helps you achieve cleaner and more professional-looking results by reducing digital noise effectively.


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Luminar Neo

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