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2 Google Plugins for WordPress 


2 Google Content Creation & Marketing Tools You May Not be Aware Of.

Not too long ago I wrote about MonsterInsights, a WordPress Plugin that allowed you to more readily digest your Google Analytics from within your WordPress sites dashboard. 

Well, at the same time of my discovery I also came across Google’s very own WordPress Plugin for the job, called SiteKit.

SiteKit Analytics WordPress Plugin

SiteKit, so it turns out, does a pretty good job of its own. And you would think so too, seeing that it is a Google plugin for a Google product.

So, for users already happy with Google’s offering of web tools may well be inclined to take a liking to Site Kit. After all, like I said, it does a pretty good job at handling itself (if you get what I mean).



Web Stories for WordPress

A totally unexpected offering for WordPress, at least for me. The Google’s Web Stories Plugin is pretty full-on, and provides sufficient functionality to produce professional looking animated stories with the kind of ease I don’t feel anyone would object.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the Web Stories Plugin. You can see some of my first demonstrations of it in use right here: Superheroes

Site Kit and Web Stories by Google are definitely 2 WordPress Plugins to add to your list of content creation and marketing tools. Web Stories for WordPress is particularly impressive for ease of use and the quality of results.