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Even good students know how important it is to produce work with equipment that is fine-tuned for the nuanced uses encountered whilst creating their art. The only thing is, high quality artist material and supplies can be expensive, something else every student knows.

The good news is that my last sentence can be ignored in this case. Because Just like you, the team at Arteza are from similar creative backgrounds. And carry ‘gear’ you may not have even thought about.

Take this marker organiser case...

If you haven’t gone fully-digital, then take this handy marker organiser case for keeping all your colour markers neat, protected and together, as an example of just some of the useful supplies you might find. next


Everyone finds a sketchpad handy

Whether it’s for visual ideas, or just capturing moments, a sketchpad is always the most natural, instant and convenient way of making a recording.

With the understanding of what matters to you as an artist, you can expect to also find reason behind Arteza’s enthusiasm for getting things right. 

Wanna try them out? You might find some great gift ideas too.


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Loyal customers get the opportunity to make further savings by collecting points which can be redeemed for money-off purchases. Access exclusive offers when joining Arteza Rewards and start earning points today.

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