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How to sell your artwork online?

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1. Artwork ideas for independant creators

One Idea I have had for some time is playing with the practicality of designing a logo that readily lends ‘itself’ for the construction of patterns. So that it can be used for producing a distinctive range of textile designs for fabric or other creative uses.

#Tip This could also be seen as an approach towards strengthening your visual branding.

So for example, and this case, I will demonstrate with a fun logo I quickly created some time ago especially for this exercise. You may still be able to find some of the examples I created on Facebook.

Start here

So anyway, here is where it all starts. Now, I could have gone for a geometrically shaped logo, which would have made the process of arranging duplicates of the logo into more orderly patterns somewhat easier. 

However, I decided on this, a rounded shape representing a hand forming a love heart shape. For for I think are obvious reasons, I call this the “Okay Love” logo.


The Okay Love logo and a pattern deriving from its repeated configuration, colour and pattern alignment…


The “Pineapple”pattern. Don’t know why but I think of pineapples when I look at this patten.


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You have completed 40% of your way to being  ready to start selling


2. Pattern ideas for print

heart shape

With the self induced challenge to create a number of different patterns, using different combinations of colours helped a great deal in extending the range of different textiles that could be achieved from a single logo (or symbol).


And just to make things a little more interesting, I have allowed myself to cheat a little by using the “heart shape” on its own.

So, if this idea inspires you to perhaps try exploring with your own logo or symbol, you should be watchful of the colours you consider. Amazingly, this can make all the difference to how the general public responds to your work.

Using the “Okay Love” logo allowed quite a few obvious arrangements, including overlapping patterns, which is where, not just the idea of camouflage (below) originated, but also other ideas.


Anyway, this may be pushing things a little too far for most situations. However, hopefully it will give you some insight before you venture on your own projects. Below are examples of a symbol or logo being used as the basis for creating different patterns.

camourflage fab
minty choc
minty chock legs

The next thing you’ll need to know about, is where to find a good quality and reliable service. That is, a supplier that can print your designs as they are ordered, as well as handle the delivery for you. This may require a ‘two pronged’ approach;

a. Where you build an online store to showcase your work and products. 


b. where you set up a journey for your customers, that include consideration for, presentation, receiving payments and delivery of items your customers buy.


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3. The secret source

minty choc round

Now, here’s the most exciting part about moving closer towards getting your artwork under the noses of an audience. And it’s the easiest and most quickest way that I can confidently recommend as a means of getting started with an online store. 

The service to visit is

Printful provides a reliable syncing functionality between preparing your graphics for print, from the printful Dashboard, and having them instantly available at your online store. All you have to do is make sure that you have set up your connections correctly, in order to enjoy the satisfying experience in witnessing how seamlessly this works.

Print-on-demand and Warehouse Fulfilment.

Printful provides the perfect service for anyone that wants to get started with using their artworks for selling as prints on merchandise or other items. Add your designs to backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies, and a range of other items. Use the standard print for motifs and simple artwork, or use the all-over printing service and see your patterned designs really come alive – how good is that!

But first you must signup for a Printful account in order to try out your designs using the Mockup Generator. The Mockup Generator helps you decide on the positioning and sizing of the graphics you intend on applying to the available stock of products.

In a nutshell, Printful is a print fulfilment service and will have your designs printed and delivered as they are ordered. Of course, this may not be suitable if things get too busy, which of course is what you want. Fortunately, you can also use Printful’s warehouse options.



One more step…

CONTINUE BELOW TO complete 90% of your way to being ready to start selling ONLINE…



Where do I sell my new products from?

The following requires integration between your print supplier and your online store’s platform… 

A straightforward solution.

In a nutshell, Printful is a print fulfilment service and will have your designs printed and delivered as they are ordered. Of course, this may not be suitable if things get too busy, which of course is what you want. Fortunately, you can also use Printful’s warehouse options.

So now you will need an online store and I have one to suggest that works beautifully with Printful. And if you happen to have any other websites besides a Shopify store, you can always sell your Shopify products on those websites by generating a code to embed on your other websites.

Why is Shopify such a good choice for starting
your first e-commerce store?

First of all, Shopify has a relatively easy to use interface. A dashboard that greets you with the type of information and options anyone running an online store will find applicable. 







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