In today’s digital world, keeping connected to the internet is essential, especially, if you are constantly on the move and want to remain productive. 

Keeping on top of your finances whilst on the move.

Besides the beautiful way in which all of your devices can connect and synchronise your data. And in turn provide a seamless experience whilst working on various projects and devices. Fortunately, you do not have to be online 100% of the time. 

Between using wifi connectivity and actual internet connection, your portable devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop can become a significant component in your freelance and self employed business setup that enables you to maintain control of certain aspects of running your business, wherever you are on the Globe.

So for example, whilst on a train, preparing notes on your smartphone which you later call up on your desktop or laptop computer for editing and composing for, let’s say, a blog post…

…or, perhaps, the more overlooked means of keeping up with your finances whilst on the move… 

Sounds like something that shouldn’t go un-welcomed, right?

1. Introducing Quickbooks - Self-Employed


QuickBooks by Intuit, is an accounting software package tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. That grants you access to both on-premises accounting applications, as well as cloud-based versions.

Keeping a hold on your finance can easily get fuzzy, and especially when you are constantly on the move. However, it’s reassuring to know that you can quickly pull everything into perspective and avoid unexpected cashflow  problems.

What you want is something that will allow you to readily record and store receipts whilst on-the-go, right from your smartphone. 

As well as; track expenses, manage your cash flow, create invoices and other useful stuff that will help contribute towards making better informed financial decisions.

You can even use your smartphone to log the miles that you drive, and include with your calculations.

Now, speaking of driving, you can take QuickBooks for a free test drive right now. 

Just to get a feel of the dashboard and the type of information you can arrange for yourself. Why not take Quickbooks for a quick spin using the button below.

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