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Pro Portrait Photography App

Coming Soon: Specialized Portrait Editing Software by Skylum

Portrait App 5 Large Medium

Skylum does it again with this new professional portrait editing app.

If you are not yet familiar with Skylum, they are the leading innovators in photo editing software and the company behind the award-winning, AI-powered program Luminar Neo.

Now, collaborating with renowned portrait photographer Julia Trotti, has resulted in the creation of a highly specialized portrait photography solution for professionals.

Introducing “Project Barcelona”(State-of-the-Art Portrait Photography)

Project “Barcelona,” which is scheduled for release in September 2024, will enable photographers by automating repetitive face retouching procedures using a productive, AI-optimized workflow that operates locally on the user’s device and makes it as simple as applying presets.

Overall, it offers increased control and accuracy for flawless results every time, with the bonus of accurate and adjustable masking tools.