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Create A Presentation Using AI

How to create a slide presentation using AI

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Introducing Decktopus

What is Decktopus?

Exploring Decktopus will change your mind about how you create slide presentations from now on…

Decktopus How long do you have

Decktopus AI is a cloud-based presentation software that allows users to create visually appealing and interactive presentations quickly and easily. 

It provides a variety of templates and design tools that make it easy to create professional-looking presentations, even if you don’t have design experience. 

Additionally, Decktopus allows users to collaborate on presentations and share them with others online.



Decktopus Slide Presentation example:

Slide Dashboard 1

In 5 Simple Steps…

  1. Click on the “Create New” button on the dashboard.

  2. Choose a template or click on “Start from scratch” to create a new presentation.

  3. In the text box at the top of the page, type in the title of your presentation. This title should be a concise and descriptive summary of the content of your presentation.

  4. Click on the “Generate Presentation” button, and Decktopus will use AI to generate a presentation based on your title.

  5. The generated presentation will include slides with relevant content and images based on your title, as well as suggested colors, fonts, and design elements that match the theme of your presentation.

Slides generated before any editing:

Before any editing here is an example of a presentation generated starting with our title “Photography and AI Technology”

Brand New Deck 1
Brand New Deck 2
Brand New Deck 3
Brand New Deck 4 

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