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Practical SaaS: Luminar Neo – Part Two

How Subscription based SaaS with alternative purchasing options works for everyone.

Following our last look at  practical SaaS (Part One) solutions for WordPress website creation, for this, part two of our practical SaaS series, we focus on the award-winning, image editing software, Luminar. 

With the challenge to eliminate the intricate time consuming ‘pre-editing’ tasks that deter, especially creative photographers from getting bogged down with technical inconvenience. It has always been Skylum’s mission to bring autonomous editing capabilities into the hands of creative photographers and image specialist. 

However, after offering an affordable one-time fee for Luminar software, over the years the need for long-term sustainability as a business has become more apparent and has prompted Skylum into introducing a more varied pricing model for their wide range of different users. 

This, along with the launch of Extensions, takes Luminar Neo to yet another level in terms of value for money.

Luminar Neo Pricing for Everyone

As briefly highlighted in part one, Do ‘premium’ plugins cost too much? We now ask the same question regarding professional photo / image editing software. For this, we use Skylum’s Luminar as an example of a business that provides software to an audience of varying backgrounds and therefore, somewhat, finding a middle-ground pricing  structure whilst maintaining value to all of its current and potential users.

From Luminar Neo version 1.5.0, you can expect even greater flexibility and power with the introduction of a range of incredibly powerful extensions. And surprisingly for a fee that wont shock you, especially the lifetime license offer.

In the meanwhile, below is a guide that shows what you can expect to pay for the different Luminar plans currently available, and especially if you purchase whilst the current (Black Friday) offers stands.

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Explore Plan (Luminar Neo without Extensions):

$89 instead of $178 for 12 Months of subscription+extra 6 Months for Free+Creative Pack of presets and skies for Free

Pro Plan (Luminar Neo including Extensions):

$99 instead of $223 for 12 Months of subscription+extra 6 Months for Free+Creative Pack of presets and skies for Free

Lifetime license:

$99 instead of $199 for Lifetime license+Creative Pack of presets and skies for Free


The Extensions pack can be bought separately for $199 instead of $383

(check current deal*)

Just some of the Luminar Neo extensions available...

What is Luminar Neo?

After using Adobe Photoshop for years, you’d be convinced that it would be the only photo editing software you’ll ever need. But, wait till you see what you can do with Luminar Neo…

With its offices in Bellevue, USA; Kyiv, Ukraine; and Tokyo, Japan. As a global imaging technology company Skylum provides millions of photographers the convenience of automating their photo editing, yet still having creative control of the appearance of the overall image, all with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

neo powerful luminar

Image: Expand image editing toolkit with added Extensions

Yes, Luminar Neo with its sleek, clutter-less interface is the perfect image editing suite for any workflow. Use Luminar Neo as a standalone app, or as an add-on with Adobe Photoshop® or Adobe Lightroom®.  

Luminar’s seamless workflow does not end there. You can also use your smartphone for sharing 
edited photos to your social media accounts. As well as wirelessly transfer photos from desktop to mobile (and vice versa).


Installation Success QR code luminar neo

Is Luminar Neo Value for Money?

Yes, without a doubt Luminar Neo is value for money. After all, you get so much even without the Extensions. All this backed with an “in-crowd” membership, ebooks, tutorials and other inspirational and supportive content.

Finally, a quick tip for anyone that is curious to know more, or make a purchase. Watch out for this years Black Friday deal, where you can enjoy the best savings ever! 

With the release of Luminar Neo 1.2.0, besides the return of the Dodge and Burn tool, Skylum introduces a modular approach for extending the capabilities of Luminar Neo, through the addition of Extensions.

With the jiggery-pokery of artificial intelligence running in the background, the Luminar Neo AI engine can tell the difference between the human figure and other objects, and will do the boring task of creating a mask for you. How good is that?

And of course you still always have creative control for fine-tuning, to your desire, any adjustments you’ve made.


Have you ever wondered how some photos have that magical ambience of colour and detail?

And no matter how near you feel you get to achieving similar results, you don’t quite get there.

Well the simple answer in this case, is to apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography techniques. Which you can, fortunately, now achieve satisfying results even faster with Luminar Neo


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