An Evolutionary Approach to Portrait Photography Editing

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Bypass ‘preliminary’ photo editing chores.

Imagine you’re just about to click the shutter, and an image pops into your head. It’s an image of how your final photo will look when processed.


The thing is now that you have your photos in front of you, you feel they lack a little lustre, or not quite the dramatic mood you had in mind. 

No worries, because if time is of the essence, from here you have an option to either call for a photo retoucher, or launch Luminar AI. 

With Luminar AI you can basically bypass the tricky necessities that conventional photo editing demands and work in a more natural and intuitive way. I would show you, but there are so many videos already available, that do a good job at demonstrating what’s possible.

For this post, I’ll be showing-off a couple of the tools found under the Portrait Toolset.

AI Skin Enhancer

AI Skin Enhancer at Work

Portrait Photography Skin Enhancer

Option A: You are always in control. Luminar recognises skin and makes the adjustment according to how much you push. 

Option B: Now, try this using the cloning tool and maybe a few different layers… takes a lot longer – right?

Ever since the introduction of AI Skin Enhancer, just one of the tools under the Portrait Toolset, correcting skin is no longer a matter of psyching yourself-up for a laborious task.

And it works great on all skin types.


AI Skin Enhancer and other tools for editing portraits can all be found in LUMINAR AI, A total rebuild of previous Luminar incarnation.

ai photography skin enhancer

AI Skin Enhancer is a sophisticated, time-saving feature you’ll also find in Luminar 4. It works by automatically detecting faces and skin and performs an automatic removal of any imperfections. Which, of course you also have control as to how extreme you wish to go. It can do all this whilst preserving tiny detail such as hair and other items you wish to keep.

This is ideal for achieving results faster with say, something like; studio beauty shots, weddings and other projects such as photos for commercial use. Bearing in mind that Luminar uses machine learning technology, for each new photo, the software will adapt itself and automatically fine-tune to the style of the adjustments you chose. So, you’re always in control.

Portrait Photographers Quick Tip

Now, comprising of a collection of tools is the Portrait Enhancer. This filter helps improve portraits in the most natural and pleasing way. Again, you always have control to stamp your vision.

In a nutshell, With Portrait Enhance you can easily:

  • Adjust lighting for a face that doesn’t impact the rest of the scene. Get the emulation of a flash or reflector aimed at a face.
  • Enhance and make a person’s eyes more expressive and sharp as well as whiten pupils.
  • Easily remove dark circles or shadows below the eye.
  • Fix red eye problems caused by flash.
  • Add more colour and depth to a person’s lips, and
    take advantage of teeth whitening tools.

What you’ll really enjoy about this is that there is no need for making selections or masks. The AI technology instantly detects the relevant areas.

AI Portrait Enhancer

Editing Eyes, Teeth, Lips and Brows.


Before getting into the magic of some of the other Portrait Tools. Just to ensure that things are clear, let me express that whilst Luminar will take care of the  boring preparatory work you’d typically need to undertake using ‘conventional’ editing software.

 This does not take away anything you were capable of doing in the previous incarnation.

In fact, you’ll appreciate the ease of focussing on specific areas of your portrait photos like the lips, eyes and brows, and being able to edit instantly.

AI Portrait Enhancer



Portrait Photo Editing New Level

Technical, but without all the technical fuss.

Featured photo by: Joshua Rawson-Harris


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