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London is a minefield for taking interesting photos. Even the most mundane subject matter can make a captivating image that tells a story of mood, human interaction and so much more… [ continue ]



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I don’t know what it’s like these days, but, the East End of London used to be a fairly popular place to visit in order to experience the more candid ‘sides’ of living in London. 

The surrounding buildings and architecture provide many clues to the different perceived lifestyle, culture and neighbourhood enjoyed throughout the area…

rocket gherkin 01
rocket gherkin

The Gherkin Tower from All Angles

The rocket-shaped building you see in the photos above are of the Gherkin, one of London’s most instantly recognisable towers. The Gherkin stands at 500,000 sq ft, making it easy to photograph the interesting contrasts between its opulent structure and the different surrounding neighbourhoods. 

london gherkin rocket 1200

State of the Art Intelligent Photo Processing

The above photos were shot with a Nikon D80 and edited using Skylum software. Fortunately, the straight-forward and simple editing process provided by the software is not only satisfying, but also makes for a better hands-on experience for the professional photographer who may not be so familiar with digital photo editing.

In a nutshell Skylum’s App, Luminar AI  takes away the pain of having to perform the tedious aspects of photo editing, whilst reassuring you with the ability to always have full control. Even with the AI technology running in the background.

With its clean and simple to navigate interface, Luminar AI will allow users of Photos for macOS to enjoy its powerful and more purposeful editing capabilities for achieving professional looking results faster.

Luminar AI Built with Artificial Intelligence Inside

Although, built from the ground up, with AI at the core, Luminar AI is a non subscription standalone or plugin extension app for professional photographers and photo-artist. And the great thing is, it’s use will not necessarily disrupt your current photo editing workflow.

Phots for macOS users, for example, will find Luminar AI’s powerful photo editing especially useful, as well as a great plugin extension for providing more purposeful editing capabilities for photography pros using native macOS software.


Now, don’t go away believing that Luminar AI is the only professional graphics software that uses artificial intelligence. Adobe, of course is another. However, the Luminar AI approach is different.

Unlike Luminar AI, editing photos using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo does require some degree of both skill and knowledge, even for what may, on the surface, appear to be a very simple task.

For example, putting to use and preparing intricate masking, or combing multiple layers. The preparatory work involved in performing some editing methods requires more skills and knowledge of how to use the software, than actually getting what you want done, plus it can demand a great deal of your time.  

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