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New Photographer’s Growth Kit

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Photographer’s Growth Kit

The following is a collection of handpicked tools and resource for anyone interested in producing beautiful photography.

The idea is to provide you with; first, access to state-of-the-art photo-editing software and a community of photographers and photo-artist from a range of backgrounds and experience.  

You can join me as a member at LUMINAR X and gain access to… well read on to learn more.

And just in case you wish to be a little adventurous, there’s a few additional  tools below to help with getting your work the exposure it deserves.

First, here’s somewhere to develop your photography and editing skills. Plus, be part of a creative cutting-edge community.

As a Luminar X member you will have access to all the Photography and Luminar tutorials as well as a 15% members discount for marketplace gear.  

Improve your post-processing skills, and build your own photographic style with exclusive Looks each month. Plus the best value surprise offers as they turn up…

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Tools to help you showcase your best creative work...

Find somewhere to keep and showcase your great work. Or create a portfolio…

Besides Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Why not create your own website or portfolio. 

I always recommend WordPress as a long-term solution, because it’s so flexible…

However, if you are looking for a more image dedicated website building option, or something to use with your Instagram account, see the recommended options available below.


Web Portfolio Tools...


– web portfolio builder

Format is designed for building all types of creative websites for illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, fashion gurus and more




– social media tool for Instagram

Want to post an Instagram story? Try it today free from your SetApp membership.

Unless you already upload images to Instagram from your laptop or desktop computer, here’s an app that is likely to get you started. 




– powerful web, compliant code…

Unlike format Webflow is tailored for users of a more technical and web development orientation. All the same its simple drag and drop feature makes it very simple to use, plus there are lots of additional custom functions you can add yourself.




How to share and sell your work



– WordPress for Photographers)

Start selling you digital photos; downloads or prints with automated fulfillment using Imagely NextGen Pro plugins and themes.