Photo Studio v11.5

Now with 100% automatic background removal and cutout technology.

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Who says we don’t also look-out for our Windows users?

Actually, although mostly popular amongst Windows users, this offering is also available for mac OS. 

Now, here’s something you’ll like, especially if you are an existing Photo Studio owner. As an existing user, Photo Studio 11 will update automatically. It’s the minor version update with major upgrades, version 11.5 of Photo Studio for Windows… 

photostudio pack
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We already saw this coming, after all, if you come here often, you’ll already now how much we love Luminar AI.

Anyway, with the new Photo Studio there is no longer the need for tracing objects and skylines. With the following tools, you can now remove selected areas in one click.

  • Sky Replacement tool,
  • Photomontage tool, and
  • Background removal tool

Yes, you got it, using A.I. technology, the new Photo Studio is faster and more user-friendly.


Photo Studio v11.5​

Now with 100% automatic background removal and cutout technology.

“We are inPixio an international brand that develops powerful yet simple to use photo editing software. inPixio is a brand of Avanquest Group based in Paris (France) and in Montreal (Canada). inPixio has met the expectations of a public that is ever more attracted to download the inPixio photo software. With a strong team of people, inPixio now distributes a portfolio of photo software.”

InPixio – Avanquest Software


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