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Panorama Stitching Extension Window Result

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Skylum Reinventing Traditional Photo Editing.


New Panorama Stitching Extension for Luminar Neo

Update: Luminar Neo Released


The Panorama Stitching Extension allows photographers to create sweeping panoramic photos with unparalleled versatility by introducing four distinct creation methods:

  1. Pano stitching
  2. HDR Panorama
  3. Panorama from Video
  4. Object/Subject Composition Panorama

Now, just to give this extension a try, I retrieved 3 landscape photos previously taken with exactly this type of treatment in mind. So here we go…

select landscape photos

My Panorama Stitching Extension Experience.

Wow, this extension really saved time compared to how long it would have taken using conventional editing methods.

Fortunately, I already had these 3 photos lined up from a previous photoshoot, so trying this out was easy. 

After installing, the Panorama Extension, it was a simple case of dragging my 3 “stitch-able” images onto the Panorama and icon and selecting Start.

Panaorama stitching


From your Luminar Neo catalog view, select 2 or more photos, or 1 video to stitch…

A new window opens allowing you the choice to continue. Now, this is where I had a slight surprise. Just selecting continue also applies a HDR merge, which resulted in a poor attempt to… ( I am not sure). 

Anyway, my point is, that in this particular case, by first selecting Skip HDR and then Continue, ended with this perfect result. Which I was then able to apply the HDR merge extension to give the overall image a ‘lift”.


Panorama Stitching Made Easy

Create breathtaking panoramic photos effortlessly by stitching together your RAW or JPEG files. This technique seamlessly merges multiple images to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of expansive landscapes and cityscapes.

Panaorama stitching 3 sampled images

… click Start when you are ready and a dialogue box will appear. In this case we  select the Skip HDR option and press continue…

Capture Perfect Lighting with HDR Panorama

Don’t let challenging lighting conditions hinder your panoramic photography. 

With HDR Panorama, you can overcome this obstacle. By combining multiple exposures and panorama brackets, you’ll create an HDR panorama that preserves all the intricate details, from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows, resulting in stunning, well-balanced images of vast landscapes.

Transform Videos into Immersive Panoramas

Yes, videos too. Unleash the power of motion in your videos to create immersive panoramas. With the Panorama Stitching extension, you can extract frames from your videos and stitch them together seamlessly to form panoramic images. 

Watch as action sequences come alive in an entirely new way, transforming your videos into breathtaking, wide-spanning photographs.

Highlight Your Subject with Object / Subject Composition Panorama

Take your creative vision to new heights by selecting specific subjects within a video and converting them into captivating panoramic images. 

The Panorama Stitching Extension intelligently isolates and combines frames centered around your chosen subject, resulting in visually striking panoramas that emphasize and highlight your subject in fascinating ways. 

This innovative technique allows you to convey motion from a video in a single frame, creating unique and captivating images.

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