Yes, AI is here and it might be right under your very nose, especially if you happen to use one of those leading photo-editing applications available.

Now, you know ‘who’ I am talking about – right?

Well, there’s a little friend that ‘plays’ very well when used as a plugin extension with, yes you were right, Photoshop.

Luminar works both as an add-on for Photoshop, or as a standalone application.


In the middle of the night it landed. Finally completed, the structure stood prominently above the surrounding buildings.

Whether you’re using Adobe®Photoshop or Luminar 4  as a standalone application. Access to the available Luminar 4 Toolsets will get you where you want to go with telling your story faster. 

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Why Photo-Artist & Photographers Use Luminar?

“ One of the things I really like about the Photo-editing app, Luminar, is how simple it is to use, both as a standalone app or as a plugin extension. The interface is pretty minimalistic and doesn’t take too long in becoming familiar with.

This is especially useful if, like the majority of creators, you perform most of your editing or retouching tasks using Adobe Photoshop. For me, Luminar is like the digital music mastering tool you might use in order to polish the final production of a track…”  read more

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