2021 Photo Editing Magic


Your Opportunity to Experience the Power of Creative AI Photo Editing Starting Today.

We use the word “magic” when we find it hard to explain something, yet everything is explainable including magic.

Fortunately, a lot of the magic that takes place in the background, whilst using Luminar AI 2, need not be explained, at least not when all you’re after are satisfactory results, and fast!

You see, as expressed previously, Luminar AI simply shortcuts the typical editing work you would normally have to do prior to committing an actual edit. Let’s say, like creating a mask, or playing with multiple layers at varying opacities to achieve a desired effect… 

Hey, I don’t know what techniques you use, but I do know there is more than one way to skin a cat (btw: we don’t hate or harm cats okay, just a figure of speech).

Luminar AI Update 2


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