If you do not want the responsibility for mananging a website.​
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Build an Online Store in 5 Minutes


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Hassle-Free Online Store

Lightweight, hassle-free and straight to the point, that’s what a lot of busy creators are looking for these days.

As much as we might like WordPress. It is not always the best solution for every case or individual.

For some entrepreneurs, WordPress can be a little too bloated for specific and simple needs. Like preparing a helicopter, just to go to the corner shop. 

Fortunately we have been able to dig-up a few recommended solutions from our roster. Here is one solution we feel is applicable to most people…

Starting an Online Store Using Sellfy

Now, providing all works out fine for you, and you have the necessary items in place. You can literally build and start selling from a Sellfy store within 24 Hrs. Here’s how…(show me)


First Create a Free or Paid Sellfy Account

You will be required to verify your email address, before adding your first product. You will then be able to customise your store and activate the checkout.

What is Sellfy?

All-in-all, Sellfy is an affordable and practical solution for independent creators who are turned-off by other more intricate, and overwhelming solutions. 

Or, creators who simply want a fast and easy way to immediately start selling their wares online.

add new product

What will you need to start your Sellfy Store?

However, before you get started, think about how you will or would like to display your products and which third-party services will be suitable for processing payments or collecting the details of your subscribers.  

With the already available tools you get with a Sellfy account, think about any automation or imperative functions you may need to set up for resolving your marketing needs. Sellfy is open to your suggestions and provide a form for doing so.

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Stuck with product ideas?

Fortunately, Sellfy provides the following options for quickly adding a product to your store. And what you might find really handy is the Print on Demand option. Where you can apply your designs to a number of different products without first having to actually have them printed before an order is made,

  1. Digital product
  2. Print On Demand
  3. Subscription
  4. Physical product
  5. Freebie
sellfy pod

For example, you may have a store selling your printed designs on apparel and other merchandise through a print-on-demand and fulfilment service. Or, you may have digital product which customers will need to download.


Once you have activated your checkout and selected a plan. Your store will be live and ready to start receiving customers.

Whether you are selling digital products or online services, SamCart is the easiest way to start accepting orders.