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2021’s Best Recommended Thrive Theme Builder has a Companion WordPress Theme… 

This is the game changing (soon to be omnipresent, well maybe!) WordPress Theme everyone in the know have been waiting for… 

Introducing Ommi Theme

The brand new Ommi is the perfect companion for Thrive Theme Builder. And in case you are not yet up to speed with Thrive Theme Builder, then let me tell you, since it’s launch it has steadily become a leading option amongst savvy creators; agencies, web designers, course tutors, and eCommerce store owners continue ]

Thrive Theme Builder & Ommi Theme

There is no denying that the studious Thrive Themes team just keeps getting better and better. Introducing tools that are truly useful and align with the real needs of serious websites owners and agencies.

With one-click, completely change the look and feel of your entire website without disturbing your brand, fonts, and other design elements. 

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Featured Photo: by Kari Shea

Ommi for a vibe of coziness

In the vain of the Danish term Hygge, meaning; “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality….”  Ommi is intended to be warm and inviting while maintaining an underlying purpose or function.

With that said, Ommi is now included with Thrive Suite – the all-in-one WordPress marketing toolkit.

What’s really special about Ommi?

Whilst you can already create conversion-focused business websites with Thrive Suite. Ommi provides that extra convenience and agility to work fast and still maintain the elegance to attract new visitors.

With Thrive Suite you can: 

  1. Visually customise any aspect of your WordPress site (yes, even headers, footers, and sidebars) with Thrive Theme Builder. 
  2. Take advantage of 100’s of pre-built conversion-focused landing pages to get more opt-ins and sales with Thrive Architect
  3. Create lead generation forms anywhere on your website to grow you email list with Thrive Leads
  4. Build engaging quizzes and display them anywhere to engage and segment your visitors with Thrive Quizzes
  5. Create scarcity marketing campaigns and countdown timers with Thrive Ultimatum

Plus, build and sell your own online courses with Thrive Apprentice. 

Check out the new Ommi theme today and at the same time experience the benefits of the complete Thrive Suite. 

How to get started with Ommi

Visual Website Building Made Even Easier - Coming Very Soon Near You...

Ommi FAQ

To get Ommi set up on your site you’ll need to install the Thrive Product Manager, then install Thrive Theme Builder before activating Ommi.

Yes. In order to access Ommi you need to purchase and maintain an active subscription for Thrive Suite which gives you access to all of our conversion-focused tools. 

Yes! With native WooCommerce integration, you can connect to WooCommerce painlessly. Plus, we have a number of content templates and page templates specifically designed for your Ecommerce shop.

Yes! It’s easy to replicate the look and feel of the demo site if that’s what you want, or, we’ve made it easy to customize your site and build something 100% unique for your brand.

Shapeshift and Ommi are companion themes that can be installed on your Thrive Theme Builder website to control the look and feel of the website. Thrive Theme Builder is the technology that powers your site. From visual editing, to design elements, Thrive Theme Builder puts you in control over your entire WordPress website. 

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