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Luminar Neo 2024 Roundup

SoftwareFolder | New Luminar Neo 2024 Roundup

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Fueled by user feedback and advancements in technology, Luminar Neo has experienced an impressive transformation. From enhancing performance to introducing user-friendly interfaces, Luminar Neo’s product has evolved to cater to the evolving requirements of photographers across the globe. 

Its excellence has been acknowledged through esteemed accolades like the Red Dot Brands & Communication Design award and consecutive TIPA World Awards. By consistently enhancing performance, incorporating intuitive features, and addressing user needs, Luminar Neo continues to be the preferred option for photographers worldwide.

Now, today as we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Luminar Neo. Here is a roundup of some of the amazing innovations the Skylum team have brought to this groundbreaking photo editing software.

bringing ideas to life…

The Luminar Neo Journey

2 year Overview of Luminar Neo Features


Luminar Neo has truly revolutionized the way photographers approach their craft, offering a wide range of powerful tools and features that enhance creativity and streamline the editing process.

Built from the ground up with AI technology in mind, Luminar Neo has been designed to accommodate future technologies and enhancements.

Over the past two years, Luminar Neo has undergone continuous development, introducing a variety of thrilling new features aimed at enriching the editing process. Presented below is a comprehensive list of these innovative features that you may already be benefiting from.

New Luminar Neo Features (2nd Anniversary)

Onboarding – Simplifies the user experience for newcomers

Presets – Offers greater control over preset adjustments

Preview on Hover – Streamlines the editing process with instant previews

Information Button – Provides quick access to information and tutorials

Panorama Stitching – Seamlessly merges multiple images into stunning panoramas

Studio Light – Adds professional lighting effects to your photos

Blur Tool – Easily creates depth and focus effects

Neon & Glow – Infuses your images with vibrant neon and glowing effects

Tilt Shift – Adds selective focus for creative compositions

GenErase – Effortlessly removes unwanted elements from your photos with precision

GenSwap – Instantly swaps and transforms elements within your shots using the power of intuitive AI 

GenExpand –  Adjusts and expands the boundaries of the frame in your photos and refines proportions

The following are just some of our more familiar highlights along the way to Luminar Neo becoming the well appreciated software we know today. 

Sky Replacement

One of the first most notable and popular innovations I can recall in Luminar Neo in the previous years, has been the introduction of the AI-powered SkyAI 2.0. ( the Sky Replacement tool).

This feature allows photographers to easily replace or enhance skies in their photos with just a few clicks. With an extensive library of sky presets and the ability to fine-tune the results, photographers can now achieve stunning sky replacements in a matter of seconds.

SoftwareFolder | New Luminar Neo 2024 Roundup

Portrait Tools

Another groundbreaking feature is the AI Portrait Enhancer. This tool leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automatically detect and enhance facial features, resulting in professional-looking portraits with minimal effort. 

From skin smoothing and blemish removal to eye and teeth enhancements, the AI Portrait Enhancer takes portrait editing to a whole new level. I love the way it’s able to detect lips, eyes and brows without affecting other areas in a negative way.

AI Structure tool for detail enhancement

Luminar Neo also introduces the AI Structure tool, which intelligently enhances details and textures in images while preserving a natural look. Whether it’s bringing out intricate patterns in landscapes or adding depth to architectural shots, the AI Structure tool allows photographers to achieve stunning results with ease.


The GenTech Era

Now this is something else, almost like magic retouch images with text prompts; remove or ad objects and even change the aspect ratio of your photo without abrupt cropping.

This is where Luminar Neo really pushes the boundaries of image editing providing the tools for creative photographers and “story tellers” to visually bring their ideas to life.

Offer details: 

– 1 Month subscription – $11.95

– 12 Months subscription – $79 (83% off) + free Anniversary Collection (worth $300) + 1 year X Membership (worth $79)

– 24 Months subscription – $119 (73% off) + free Anniversary Collection + 1 year X Membership

– Lifetime – $199 (68% off) + free Anniversary Collection + 1 year X Membership

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