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Using Affinity Designer for Creating Vector Artwork


How Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher has snuck into my graphics software folder…

In the ever-evolving landscape of graphic design software, a fresh contender has stealthily made its presence known in the form of Affinity Designer. 

For those unfamiliar, Affinity Designer is part of the comprehensive Affinity creative software suite developed by Serif. And here’s the exciting part: they’ve flung open the doors to their creative suite with an incredible 90-day free trial offer! 

This move, which even outshines a recent similar gesture from Adobe, has sent ripples of excitement through the graphic design community.

Now, let’s confess something: the allure of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription has long been a temptation, but for many of us, budget constraints have proven to be a formidable hurdle. 

This is where the Affinity suite of software – comprising (a) Photo, (b) Designer, and (c) Publisher – steps in as a compelling alternative. 

And the best part? You have the chance to explore these cool tools for free, if you act promptly.

Vector Artwork Confession

At the end of the day, good work is good work, no matter how bad the software you use…

On the occasions when Adobe Illustrator is not accessible, which has been quite frequent lately, I’ve turned to a software named Intaglio, developed by Softpress, a UK-based company that I believe is also behind the website building application Freeway Pro.

Intaglio, you might ask, what’s that all about?

Anyway, without dwelling too long, Intaglio used to be my go-to for most of the vector-related tasks I required—well, not everything, but it sufficed. Yet, it’s important to note that it doesn’t quite measure up to the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

Now, let’s talk about Affinity Designer. Its intuitive approach to working is quite inspiring and helps me dive right back into creating vector illustrations quickly, especially if you’re already familiar with Adobe Illustrator.

So, there you have it—a little confession. I’m already well-acquainted with vector graphics software, including Adobe Illustrator. This is precisely why I consider Affinity to be such a commendable alternative.

Affinity 600x600 copy

Download Affinity here:

Now, where to get your Affinity trial download. But first a quick summary of what’s what.

Firstly, Affinity Designer is a vector drawing package (like Illustrator). If you are already familiar with vector drawing packages, then you’ll quickly acquaint yourself with Affinity Designer. This is the same with all the other packages.

Then there is Affinity Photo, which is an image editing and design package (like Photoshop).

And Finally, there’s Affinity Publisher, which is a design and publishing package alternative to the likes of Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign.




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