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How Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher has snuck into my graphics software folder…

I don’t know if you are aware, but recently the guys at Serif, you know, the ones responsible for Affinity creative software. Well, they have just opened their creative software doorway for new users, with a 90 day free trial offer. (Adobe recently gave-away a similar offer – but nothing as grand as this, the meanies (lol))

Anyway, as I was saying, and I have a confession to make too; Whilst I have, for some time now, refused to buy into the whole Creative Cloud subscription thing. And that’s not because I totally disagree with it, but simply due to the fact that it is not affordable in my unique case. And I am sure there are many more like me.

Which is why I’d like to make the point that the Affinity range of software including; Photo, Designer and Publisher are more than adequate alternatives for Adobe’s; Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and if you hurry you can try them all yourself for free.


Now here’s my vector art software confession...

For the occasions when I do not have access to Adobe Illustrator, which of late, is most of the time. I have been using a program called Intaglio by a UK based company called Softpress, whom I believe are also responsible for a website building application called Freeway Pro.

Intaglio! What and who is that? I hear you say…

Anyway, moving on swiftly, Intaglio allows ( or rather allowed) me to do most of the vector related tasks I needed, not everything, but enough to get by. Yet, certainly not a comparison to either Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

Because of its easy to grapple way of working, Affinity Designer is also inspiring. And will get you back into that mode of producing vector illustrations in no time. Especially if, of course, you are already familiar with using Adobe Illustrator.

There, done, that’s my confession. I am already familiar with using vector graphics software, including Adobe Illustrator. Which is why I find Affinity to be such an excellent alternative.


Where to get your Affinity trial download?*

Now, where to get your Affinity trial download. But first a quick summary of what’s what.

Firstly, Affinity Designer is a vector drawing package (like Illustrator). If you are already familiar with vector drawing packages, then you’ll quickly acquaint yourself with Affinity Designer. This is the same with all the other packages.

Then there is Affinity Photo, which is an image editing and design package (like Photoshop).

And Finally, there’s Affinity Publisher, which is a design and publishing package alternative to the like of Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign.


*subject to availability

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My First Experience Using Affinity Designer 

 The 2020’s, and it has been a while now since freelancers and other individuals that create images and other visual material for a living, have been anticipating an affordable alternative to Adobe’s, although, excellent, but costly suite of graphic design and photography software.

For me at least, it looks like a true alternative has finally arrived!


I know I may have said this somewhere before, but once you have used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you will find it very hard to accept any other software. Because of the relative ease of use, flexibility, and intuitiveness, you will become spoilt, anything else will need to be special.

Over the years my interpretation of the term ‘ease of use’ has come to mean; ‘ease of use’ – relative to basic knowledge or experience with a specific product or tool.

Now, when you read the words “Imagined by designers, created for Mac.” you hope, or at least you expect that this offering from Serif, the company responsible for Affinity Designer to fit into your armoury of software, accommodating nuances and all with minimal fuss.

And it does…

To begin with, the look and feel of the software has a familiar Mac ‘flavour’, or should I say; take a spin  for yourself and you will feel what I mean.


Unlike the previous Adobe alternative software I have tried out, Affinity Designer (and Photo) do not suffer that clunky or  ‘jittery’, temperamental experience found with the other design software contenders for the smaller budget. Of course, I will need to take it through a more thorough trial –  perhaps to avoid any bias, explore how Affinity Designer naturally fits into a workflow and copes with daily demands over a period of time.

This will be for another post.

Now, in terms of vector graphic design software Affinity Designer works and feels, in a way familiar to most designers that use digital technology. But the thing I found about Affinity Designer is the way in which it so readily handles both vector and raster images.

Straight Out The Box – It’s fast. Really fast. But, for how long?

In an ‘on-the-spot’ real life situation, I was able to use Affinity to perform various tasks with little fuss, and that is using it for the very first time. Of course, there were a few hang-ups working out where certain tools and features were placed – however, the resolve was always close at hand and easily found in the appropriate menu tab.

So, without burdening your decision with the pros, why not take this for a spin yourself. You can try it out for free and if it fits, its one-time purchase will not hurt your pockets.

Now I am going to let you in on something a little more ‘underground’, a buncj of other creativity related software for the smaller budget and perhaps more for the ‘Marketing-type user’. 

Although I haven’t taken all of them on a thorough spin, at least not as yet, the reviews and demonstration I have seen look very promising. 

Take a look hereCreator Software for the smaller budget.

Do you need a graphics tablet to draw using Affinity Designer?

Using the Pen Tool and a Mouse.


Using the Affinity Designer pen tool and managing the subsequent layers can be a little awkward, I recall using the software and repeatedly thinking, I’m not impressed, I’m not impressed…

However, as with most other software, once familiarity sets in, you become accustomed to the quirks and adjust to how the software works best for you.

Nonetheless, in my opinion Affinity Designer is still undoubtedly the most advanced Adobe Illustrator alternative.


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