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Moosend, a “gem” Amongst eMail Marketing Systems Today

This looked so good we had to write about it before trying it out first-hand.

After experiencing a number of different email marketing systems, and I can tell you, there has been a few. It takes a fair bit to be impressed with anything new that might come your way. 

However, on discovering the unsuspecting power behind Moosend, we just had to sign up!

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What makes Moosend impressive?

To be fair, what really first grabbed our attention was Moosend’s pricing…

Yes, price does matter, especially to the remote ‘solopreneur’, and Moosend’s pricing method certainly makes it easier for most people to get started with pro email marketing features, which you can of course adjust as your audience grows.

However, in this particular case it wasn’t just the pricing, but what you actually get for such a competitively priced package. If this works as well as it looks, you’ll definitely read more about it here in a later post. 

In the meanwhile let us walk you through what makes Moosend a Software Folder Noteworthy business tool.

1: Email and Transactional Email

Now, right off the bat, Moosend offers; not just forms to embed on your site, but also unlimited emails, which is great for those of us starting a fresh list of subscribers or customers.

With a number of email templates to choose from, you can immediately get started with building and sending campaigns to your growing audience.

Two other noteworthy Moosend features include; landing pages and transactional email, although, you’ll need to purchase a Pro plan for these features.


Unlike conventional email marketing, transactional email relies on the triggering of events, which is a feature that has now been introduced with most of the leading email marketing services providers. 

Transactional email is a more seamless and intuitive method for providing interaction and engagement with your customers or subscribers at their own pace.

So, for example, someone adding a product to their shopping cart and making a purchase, may trigger an email relevant to their purchase.

2: Landing Pages

Custom Capture Pages

Landing pages is a feature that, again, most of the popular leading email marketing systems have slowly adopted over time, and appears to be becoming a standard. So, whilst it was no surprise to find that Moosend would be offering the same, their content delivery in terms of presentation and support for especially those unfamiliar with email marketing, is clear and comprehensive.

3: Email Editor


The term “Drag and Drop” has become quite a buzz word when on the topic of visual website page editing, and it is good to see the same can be found with the Moosend email editor.



Drag and Drop Email Editor

Of course you can always speed the process up by editing one of the many professional looking Moosend email templates

Quickly pull together professional looking email newsletters and showcase your products today! Try Moosend Free.

Signup for Moosend today!


Moosend Comparison

click image to view

Moosend vs GetResponse

Moosend vs MailerLite

Moosend vs ConvertKit

Moosend vs Constant Contact

Moosend vs SendInBlue


All in all, and after a quick look on the inside. Moosend is looking pretty cool so far…

Moosend, as an all-in-one platform offering email and email marketing automation with lead generation tools, reporting and analytics. Plus an array of tools for building, managing and maintaining your subscribed audience.

With Moosend you are equipped with a variety of elements including; Visuals, Text, CTA Buttons, Article, Spacer, Social Share and Social Follow, HTML, Countdown timer, Video, Product Blocks. So, building a newsletter is simple, especial with visual drag and drop editing Learn more

Create automated workflows like welcome email series, abandoned cart sequences, etc.
Choose from Moosend pred-made recipes: Learn more

Yes, Moosend integrates natively with a number of  applications. You can also connect Moosend with Zapier and Piesync for more integration options.

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