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Editing on the Go – Pro Mobile Photo Editor

With its high resolution display and relatively fast processing, the iPad Pro makes for a convenient and readily portable device for professional photographers. Used alongside a DSLR, or other camera, the iPad provides multiple uses including a space to manage, share and showcase your photographic work.

With Luminar Mobile, both iPad and iPhone users can access the cutting-edge tools normally reserved for desktop workstations. Suitable for photographers of all skill levels, Luminar Mobile includes AI-powered features like EnhanceAI, SkyAI, StructureAI, and RelightAI, as well as specialized portrait tools like SkinAI and BodyAI.

Apple Vision Pro owners can enjoy a more immersive experience, enhancing their photos in a VR environment with an adapted application interface.

So, whether you prefer the comfort and convenience of a larger handheld screen for post-processing—in which case you have the iPad—you can now carry your photo-editing studio wherever you go.


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Luminar Mobile availability and prices

Luminar Mobile is now available as a subscription, with pricing starting at $4.99 for 1 month, $19.99 for 6 months, or $29.99 + a 7-day free trial for a yearly subscription.

Existing Luminar for iPad users will receive an update to Luminar Mobile for free, granting them access to the application on iPad, iPhone, and Vision Pro, using their current subscription.

For more information and to download the app, please visit the Skylum.

Also available at the App Store:

Luminar Share: wirelessly transfer photos from desktop to mobile (and vice-versa), making it easier to share edited photos to your social media accounts.