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Meet Freddy AI

The AI Assistant that comes
with Freshworks and helps with…
well, errr, everything…

Freddy AI

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Hi, this is a message on behalf of Freddy AI...

While we may have been able to get Freddy AI to help write this post, we didn’t feel it would be appropriate, given the potential conflict of interest. Anyway…

What is Freddy AI?

Freddy AI is an artificial intelligence-powered assistant developed by Freshworks that simplifies the challenge of managing multiple activities and performing various tasks simultaneously. Freddy AI serves as the “Omnibot” AI engine behind Freshworks’ Customer Support Software Suite and plays a pivotal role in enhancing general customer support, sales, and marketing processes.

For an enhanced and intuitive experience for both users and end-users, currently available in beta, you can enable Freddy AI’s sales and marketing enhancements from your Freshworks Admin dashboard by simply selecting a desired option or solution from the Support Operations tab.

Freddy AI Chat Bot Builder

From here, you can select “Apps” to access and install, for example, the Freddy Reporting App, which you can use to measure customer experience performance.

Now, besides the Reporting App, you’ll probably also appreciate the Freddy AI Marketing tool for creating and launching email campaigns.

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What Freddy AI Can Do...

What Else Can Freddy AI Do For You? Tailored to work quietly in the background, Freddy AI takes care of the typically repetitive and time-consuming tasks that many businesses deal with daily in terms of customer support and relationship management.

Freddy AI conveniently allows you to access and analyze data from various sources, including customer inquiries, support tickets, chat interactions, and sales leads.

Freddy AI Works In The Background
Now, while Freddy AI uses machine learning algorithms and NLP to understand and interpret customer interactions.

Providing you with the opportunity to get creative, Freddy AI also has to process large volumes of unstructured data, such as chat conversations and email correspondence. Use the technology in order to generate intelligently desired or personalised action points, as well as insights.

Smart Suggestions
Now, besides the usefulness of Freddy AI already expressed, Freddy AI can also provide real-time suggestions and recommendations to support agents and sales representatives. These suggestions may include template responses, knowledge base articles, and cross-selling or upselling opportunities, helping agents provide better and faster service.

Analytics and Insights
Analysis of your performance is one of those essential ongoing tasks for helping steer your business.  Freddy AI generates actionable insights and analytics from your data and can identify trends, customer sentiment, and areas for improvement.

Use these insights to help optimize customer support, sales strategies, and marketing campaigns.


Q: What is an Onnibot?

A: Omni-bot is a first-person shooter bot framework that allows AI-controlled multiplayer opponents to be used in a variety of popular FPS games and engines.

Q: What is Freddy AI, and how does it benefit customer support?

A: Freddy AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool offered by Freshworks. It assists customer support teams by automating repetitive tasks, providing insights, and improving response times, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Q: Can Freddy AI automate routine support tasks?

A: Yes, Freddy AI can automate repetitive tasks such as assigning tickets, categorizing inquiries, and providing suggested responses, freeing up agents to focus on more complex issues

Q: Can I automate repetitive tasks with Freshdesk?

A: Yes, Freshdesk provides automation capabilities through workflows and macros, allowing you to automate routine tasks and responses.  Use for follow-up actions, response templates, and ticket routing.

Q: How does Freshdesk help manage customer inquiries and support tickets?

A: Freshdesk centralizes customer inquiries, organizes support tickets, assigns them to agents, and provides a structured system for tracking and resolving customer issues.

Q: What analytics and reporting features are available in Freshworks’ suite?

A: Freshworks’ offer reporting and analytics tools to track support performance, customer satisfaction, and agent productivity, providing valuable insights.

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