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macOs Utility Software

Useful MacOs Features that used to be Standalone Apps


Mac Tricks?

Have you ever come across a super useful, but simple macOS application that performs such an intuitive task within your workflow, that you are left wondering; Why isn’t its function incorporated within the macOs as a default feature?

Well, hold your horses, because here are 4 such macOs functions that readily fit into, or aid, whatever your workflow that you may not have known, exists, or rather, use to exists as a standalone app.

Now, remember, macOS throughout its history has been an operating system with many less known commands and hidden functions. Fortunately in this case, most of the following examples are easily accessible by applying the standard ‘right click’ mouse option… So here goes;



1. Re-naming Multiple Files at Once.


The old way using the Name Mangler App


Re-naming multiple items


One of my most welcomed macOs utility software function is the ability to rename multiple files at a time from a simple click. This was a function I handled previously by using a standalone app called Name Mangler. 

NB: Name Mangler is now obsolete due to current macOs upgrades.

2. Save Selected Files to A New Folder.

Whilst I didn’t use a standalone app to perform this function, but rather, did so using the usual manual method of simply selecting and dragging files into a newly created Folder. This handy function is now easily accessible by applying the standard ‘right click’ mouse option.

3. Compressing Files and Folders.


If you work with large files, then it is very likely that you have had to compress your work in order to make them more portable for sharing with others.

Now you no longer need to find and then launch a compression app (well, technically speaking). Yep, again, you can do this by applying the standard ‘right click’ mouse option and selecting the Compress tab from the drop down menu

4. Customise Quick Actions

quick actions create pdf

Now you no longer need to find and then launch a compression app. Yep, again, you can do this by applying the standard ‘right click’ mouse option.

Using both Apple and third-party extensions, easily customise you Mac to allow accessibilty to a number of actions to help perform tasks more efficiently. For example; you can conveniently create PDFs from your selected files.


Customise your own quick options…

quick actions

Besides these simple tips, there are a few other mac applications I reckon you already have on your mac that you’ll find handy to know a little more about. Such as apps like; Keynote, Preview and Photos for macOS.

In summary

The MacOs ecosystem comprises of a solid array of functions, tools and hardware that help provide seamless and satisfying experiences and results. They’re often multiple ways of accomplishing various tasks that make using MacOs, and especially for creative tasks, faster and more efficient.