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Skylum’s Luminar Sky Replacement is a feature within the Luminar photo editing software that allows users to easily replace the sky in their photos with more visually appealing and dramatic skies.

It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to automatically detect the sky in your image and seamlessly replace it with a new sky of your choice.

Key features of Luminar Sky Replacement include:

1. Automatic Sky Detection: The AI technology in Luminar can identify the sky in your photo, making the process of sky replacement more efficient.

2. Sky Library: Luminar comes with a library of sky presets that you can choose from. These presets include various types of skies, such as clear skies, sunsets, stormy skies, and more.

3. Adjustment Controls: Users have the ability to fine-tune the replacement sky to better match the lighting and colors of the rest of the photo. This includes adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color temperature of the new sky.

4. Relighting Options: Luminar also provides relighting options, allowing you to adjust the lighting on the rest of your photo to better match the new sky.

5. Realistic Blending: The software employs advanced blending techniques to make the sky replacement appear natural and realistic, avoiding harsh edges or artifacts.

6. Custom Sky Addition: If you have your own sky images, you can also upload and use them for replacement within Luminar.

For business owners, professionals, and educators involved in photography, Luminar’s Sky Replacement feature can be a valuable tool for enhancing and stylizing images, making them more visually appealing for various purposes, such as marketing materials, presentations, or educational content. 

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