Luminar Neo Update 1.0.2

Luminar Neo Update Details:

⚬ Sync your adjustments easily in the Catalog tab! The Copy and Paste edits functionality is here.

⚬ Use Image 3D Transform. If your image needs to be scaled or transformed, you can use the sliders of this tool to manually adjust perspective distortion.

⚬ Work with images in PNG format with alpha (transparency) in Layers

⚬ Enjoy the increase of Frame Per Second rate while using the drag slider on any of the effects

⚬ Add a folder and files using Add Photos on Windows

How to update your Luminar Neo?

Update your current app to enjoy the new features.

On macOS, click on Luminar Neo in the top menu bar and choose Check for updates.

On Windows, click Luminar Neo in the top left-hand corner and choose Help.

NOTE: As you may know, Skylum is a global imaging technology company, but Skylum’s core development center is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The majority of our team is usually based in Kyiv, but is now scattered around Ukraine and abroad. Currently, Ukraine is suffering greatly because of the devastating attack of Russia. We kindly ask for your patience and support in these dark times, as updates may take more time to release. We will continue working for you, delivering updates the best we can!

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