A Before and After Photo Editing Walk-Through Using Luminar


Note for creators.

Although photography may not be the primary service you offer to clients. As a creator, i’m sure producing beautiful photographic images is always an objective of yours, and this is where Aurora HDR comes handy. Easily add more pazzaz to your images, you can even develop a brand look and feel to your images.

Aurora HDR, Luminar or Photolemur are all fast, simple and easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t really cost that much as far as the prices for professional software goes. Your Skylum state-of-the-art software is now available for both Mac and PC.  READ ON…

before and after brianjonesfrancis 1200 x 900 1

A Before & After Using Luminar 4

If you are on the fence regarding whether Luminar 4 is the right piece of software to add to your photo editing workflow. 

Well, here is something to help you make a better informed decision. 

See how once you are familiar with the different filters, you can quickly achieve what you have in mind.

As a standalone app, see the exact Luminar settings used.

Below, I show you the exact settings and steps taken to enhance Photo A (Before) and Photo B (After) using Luminar 4 as a standalone app.

With each step, you can take a closer look at the filters and the exact settings used, along with the resulting photo. 

Bear in mind that the original photo is a little below the average quality most photographers would prefer to start with.

Photo A (Before)

1.telephone poled sky 960

Photo B (After) 

4.color telephone poled sky

the steps…


2.telephone poled sky 640

Original (JPEG) Photo.
Nikon D80

Issue: Dark foreground and washed out looking sky.

AI Enhance

1.telephone poled sky 960
2.ai enhance 1
Click to enlarge

AI Structure

AI Structure telephone poled sky
3.ai structure
Click to enlarge


4.color telephone poled sky
Click to enlarge

Editing the perfect portraits

As part of the Luminar Portrait section of tools, the AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer are the two main filter options, with which you can almost effortlessly remove skin blemishes and unwanted artefacts, as well as enhance the overall appearance of your portrait photos.

The images here demonstrate reasonable use of the AI Skin Enhancer. See how blemishes are removed, lighting improved, all whilst maintaining a natural look.

luminr 4 features softwarefolder skin enhancer GIF 4

AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer in action

Luminar 4s Portrait Tools –  In this image note how the lighting to the subjects face also affects just enough detail in the hair to maintain an overall balance and a natural look.

 You’re always in control. 


Luminar 4s Portrait Tools – Software that is intelligent enough to detect all skin types and remove blemishes and other unwanted items. Push as far or as little as you want…

You’re always in control. 


and just like magic you can alter your lens to apply a little make up and facial contouring… well, sort of.

Now go have fun! – You’re always in control. 

Photo Editing 101

If you are interested in creative photo editing, the following is a handy compilation of post focused on Skylum software updates, reviews, troubleshooting, cutting edge features; tips, inspiration and more…

Hopefully something here will inspire, or help with your decision making whilst choosing the right photo editing software for you.


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