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Luminar AI

A New Approach to Photo Editing

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Skylum Reinventing Traditional Photo Editing.

Introducing Luminar AI & Luminar Neo

Update: Luminar Neo Released

First of all, this is not merely another “Luminar update” or even a new upgrade. Luminar AI is a totally new product by Skylum. 

Designed for all visual communicators, from professional photographers, photo artist and creators to everyday individuals. Luminar AI  has been built from the ground up and provides the most efficient ways for making stunning images faster. 


An Evolutionary Approach to Photo Editing for Professionals and YOU.

By focussing on results and cutting-out the time-consuming tasks by introducing very simple tools. Luminar AI doesn’t require too much brain-power to get the results you are aiming for. Instantly get started by trying out the different possibilities available with only a few clicks.

Clever Editing

So simple, Luminar AI can recognise the contents of a photo, and will suggests the best “Template” tools to speed up the editing process. 

BTW: “Templates” are a collection of “story-telling friendly” edits that can be applied instantly and refined at will. Hey, I’ll tell you what! Just go and take a look at this cutting-edge technology in action yourself.

What’s inside Luminar?

Built from the ground up in order to optimise the use of artificial intelligence, LuminarAI  not only simplifies complex and time-consuming tasks, but also presents a software application suitable for a wider range of creatives not wanting to be bogged-down with tools that require undergoing  technically complicated steps and processes.

Luminar is  already enjoyed by a wide range of creators that use images in a variety of ways. For example, bloggers, entrepreneurs, educators, marketers, designers, illustrators, small and medium-sized businesses, and maybe you too!

neo photo editor

Who is Luminar For?

Besides the creative photographer, I get the feeling Luminar AI will be a hit amongst the hands-on creator types; individuals with a keen eye for creating attractive content and images.

Now, this can be for the application across a wide range of different, both web and printed material. Including social media, blogging and other article related content, as well as apps, books, posters or even fine-art…

Another useful aspect of this AI driven photo-editing software is how effectively you can change the mood of your photos. Perfect for telling your stories in a visually dramatic way and getting there fast.

LuminarAI  is the quick new answer to editing professional portraits, landscapes, and finishing at high quality with enhanced detail.

Is Luminar 4 still available and supported?

As mentioned earlier, Luminar AI or Luminar Neo are not replacements for Luminar 4 and previous supported versions.
However, as an existing Luminar 4 user,  you are left to wonder whether Luminar AI is a necessary purchase for you at this time.

The good news to date, is that existing users can purchase the new Luminar AI at discounted price.

However, if you are happy with your current software, there’s no need to purchase the new generation of Luminar. You should be able to continue using Luminar 4 on your current system with some support for a while.

More about Luminar AI Artificial intelligence is at the core of LuminarAI and Luminar Neo...

Compared to traditional image editors, LuminarAI offers a completely different approach. Built from the ground up to leverage artificial intelligence, LuminarAI simplifies complex tasks and removes boring manual work.

Portraits take on new life.

  • Use BodyAI and FaceAI to gently sculpt and refine a portrait.
  • Create eyes that are rich and expressive with IrisAI.
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with SkinAI.

Landscape photography has never looked better.

  • Add depth and detail to skies with AtmosphereAI and Sky Enhancer.
  • Transform a photo and add an all-new sky in seconds with SkyAI.
  • Bring warmth with Golden Hour or even enhance the sun with Sunrays.

Professional finishing with less hassle.

  • Looking for more detail and texture? Then StructureAI is the perfect addition.
  • Get the perfect crop with CompositionAI and fix crooked images.
  • With AccentAI, a photo has perfect exposure and color. 

Featured Photo: © Anatoliy_gleb

Luminar Neo

World Class Image Editing

Next Generation Optics?

You’re about to experience photo-editing at its best..