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Start a Low-Risk Business Today

Start an online store today with minimal expenditure and low-risk. Build and enhance as your business progresses at a pace you can affordably manage. Are you ready for the “set-up for selling” process?

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Yes, Create Your Shopify account Today

Of course, everyone is familiar with Shopify, especially as the company has consistently provided credible e-commerce solutions since 2006…
Well, starting today you can try Shopify for free…

If you, like many other creators, are after a quick and simple solution to start accepting online payments, with all the other e-commerce shopping parts intact, i.e. Shipping, Taxes, Policy and Legal Documents…

Well, the Shopify platform is tailored to help navigate you through the whole “set-up for selling” process with as little pain and technical tasks as possible. 

How does Shopify help new business?

Below are just some of the significant things you will be able to do with your Shopify store before launching.


Of course, you will need to populate your store with products to sell. So to help you, here are some of the quickest actions you take to get up and running at your pace.

Receive Online Payments

Connect your PayPal, Stripe or other payment service with ease. Most of the leading providers are supported

Provide Dropshipping

Easily connect US and EU products to your business selecting from a range of quality products available for drop shipping

Print -on-demand Design

Create your own designs and add to a number of printable products available. 

Customer fulfilment

If you are concerned with handling packages and deliveries to you customers.

Don’t worry, our recommended services will handle your customer fulfilment 

Content Marketing

Add a blog or other pages to your store. In this way you can continuously provide updates and news about your business.

This may help with building customer trust and loyalty


Shopify supports an array of different software that will allow you to add and extend the functionality of your site 

Receive Online Payments

Whilst Shopify will allow you to easily prepare your online business website to receive and handle online payments. You will need to connect your payment processing service provider such as PayPal and Stripe...​

Drop Shipping with Spocket

Whilst Shopify will allow you to easily prepare your online business website to receive and handle online payments. You will need to connect your payment processing service provider such as PayPal and Stripe...​

Print On Demand

Gelato is another Print-on-Demand service we would currently recommend

Printful Customer Fulfilment

Printful is the more popular POD solution amonst our recommendations.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy you can use to maintain engagement, keep your audience informed with updates and news, as well as increase your chances of attracting organic traffic.

STEP two

Print-on-demand Benefits:

The great thing about Shopify is that you can readily integrate different services and processes with an existing business, or starting from scratch.


Which POD?


On-demand printing and warehousing company so you can create and sell custom products online and turn your ideas into a brand providing premium products.


A fully integrated solution for customised print products. Sell, produce and deliver customised print products globally and on demand.

Local production in 34 countries
Navigate customs, cross-border invoicing, tax and vat issues, deliver faster with less carbon emissions.

STEP Three


In short, Drop Shipping involves the process of buying products for a wholesale fee and supplying to customers with a competitively marked-up price.

 Today, and as an online retail fulfillment method using a simple e-Commerce business model, Drop Shipping allows users to sell products online without the necessity of having to hold a large inventory of goods.

Fortunately, with the aid of software services such as Spocket you can now start selling quality products with little to know hassle previously involved.


US and EU dropshipping

Spocket works nicely with the Shopify platform and is perhaps currently one of the fastest methods for finding and adding high quality products to your Shopify store.


Start a low-risk online business today

Getting started with Shopify is even easier with a *free trial.

*subject to availability

What else would you like to know?

Shopify starts at around $29 per month for a basic plan and $299 per month for an advanced plan.

Yes, you can display your Shopify products on your existing website by embedding a generated script or code.

No, Shopify is an online software solution.

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You have a Shopify Account


You have signed up with a print-on-demand service


You have explored the possibilities of quality drop Shipping

now what…?

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