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What is Curio?

Access and listen to more than 50 trusted publishers expertly curated and professionally narrated.


Listen and Learn with Curio

Most of us prefer to make efficient use of our time, whether commuting, travelling, or just chilling…

Listen to News and Insights with the Curio App, Anytime, Anywhere...

As you may have gathered, Curio is an audio news and insights app providing access to a collection of qualified; trusted and informative content.

Access quality content from the likes of publications such as the Economist, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Wired and more. And all from a single subscription.

Curio currently comes in two formats; as a mac iOS app, or a web app which you access from your browser. We tried the browser version, especially as most of our time is spent using a lap or desktop computer, plus we can take Curio for a spin whilst continuing with our tasks for the day.

So, after a few days using Curio, we wanted to see how naturally using it flows with existing habits and computer usage patterns etc. 

Here are our thoughts and discoveries whilst using Curio;

What makes Curio different from other audio platforms?

Not much really, just a cool minimalist interface that allows you to bookmark, share, download and add to you playlist.

With a Curio subscription you get complete access to the hundreds of audio stories in the Curio Library. Expand your mind with the finest publications from around the world. Here are some key features.

  1. Offline listening

  2. No annoying ads

  3. Unlimited downloads

  4. Curated and Personalised

  5. No contracts, so you can cancel any time

What do we like about Curio?

We like the fact that Curio doesn’t try to be the “Everything” app. It provides a uniquely simple environment for learning and updating on essential news and insights.

What do I need to use Curio?

Curio requires iOS 14.0 or later, so if you have an old iPhone, like we did, it may be well over the time for an iPhone upgrade.

Can I listen to Curio whilst offline?

Yes, by downloading a track, you can play your ‘Curio’ tracks offline but you will need to use the mobile app version for iOS or Android device. 

How much does a Curio subscription cost?

Subscription options cost between $8 / £6 USD per month, or $60 / £45 USD per year. Which sound pretty reasonable, especially if you are already an ardent consumer of educational and informative content.

You can access and download Curio and a wide range of other useful apps via Setapp. No matter what the task, with Setapp installed you’ll have access to app suggestions to get the job done.


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