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Lifestyle Essential Podcasts


Lifestyle Essential Podcasts

Useful Podcasts for Different Aspects of Life…

…a staple source of information, inspiration and education. Read on.



Handpicked Podcasts to Inform, Inspire and Educate.

Podcasts or Audio-blogs, as they were once known, have been around since the 1980’s. And has been a staple source of information, inspiration and education.

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However, whilst podcasts have steadily become more and more popular. I still cannot say that I know of anyone within my more current and immediate circles that have adopted the practice of subscribing or regularly listening to podcasts. – Maybe I need to ask the question again…

Anyway the point of this posts is to highlight just some of the usefulness in listening to podcasts and how different aspects of your digital lifestyle can benefit.

The following handpicked podcasts are both from a selection of podcasts I have personally subscribed to from as far back as 2001+. And whilst I have divided the selection into specific titles, there are some overlapping attributes.

Inspirational Podcasts

There is nothing more motivational and inspiring than a message that touches on relatable experiences, or ventures realms unknown…

Hidden Brain


A truly inspirational offering from Shankar Vedantam with a mixture of interesting “human” topics and interviews with different people from around the world.

Check-out titles such as;

1. Reframing Your Reality

2. What We Gain from Pain

3. Why You’re Smarter Than You Think

4. How to Change The World

Feeling Inspired

feeling inspired 1080x1080

With the intention to leave you feeling inspired and supported. The “Feeling Inspired” podcast by Mahesh  explores different topics and areas that may be holding us back from living our dreams.
“I will talk about how to move into a higher vibration in life and how to work through all of the obstacles that get in our way. I am still on my journey and will share examples of some of the challenges I have faced. My intention is to create a community of people all striving to live in their truth and purpose.”

Educational Podcasts

Whilst pandemics are nothing new, it’s amazing to watch how new generations respond in similar ways to the past, in spite the tangible evidence always being available.


this weekin virology 1080x1080

“ It’s not like you reach a maximum level for learning and that’s it. No, learning never ends…”

Now, if it wasn’t for listening to this podcast, which I have been following  well before any news of the COVID19 pandemic, in fact since 2005. Who knows, maybe just like the many people who panicked with confusing and health conflicting actions, I too may have joined that crowd.

Fortunately, with an initiation on not just how viruses work, but also parasites. Presented in an organized but casual and candid manner, TWiV has been a true insight to the world of virology, at least for me.

This Week in Virology:

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses – the kind that make you sick. Professors Vincent Racaniello, Dickson Despommier, Rich Condit, Kathy Spindler and science writer Alan Dove and guests deconstruct viruses, how they cause illness, and dissect the latest research.

Stuff You Should Know

stuff you should know 1080x1080

Whilst aimed at a studiously young audience. There is no age limit to learning new thing about the world around you. From mundane to unexpectedly amazing insights, these guys; Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark discuss different topics in a fun and candid manner.
Stuff You Should Know, often abbreviated as SYSK, is a podcast and video series published by iHeartRadio.

The podcast, which releases episodes several times a week, educates listeners on a wide variety of topics, often using popular culture as a reference.

Informative Lifestyle Podcasts

If you are looking for inspirational, informative and societal insights of the often obscure world we live and work in.

My first encounter with this and the accompanying podcasts below, all started with the Freak-o-nomics audiobook. From then I’ve been hooked


freakonomics radio 1080x1080

A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything is the debut non-fiction book by University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubner.

Based on the success of the original book, Levitt and Dubner have grown the Freakonomics brand into a multi-media franchise, with a sequel book, a feature film, a regular radio segment on National Public Radio, and a weekly blog.

No Stupid Question

no stupid questions 1080x1080

Stephen J. Dubner (co-author of the Freakonomics books) and research psychologist Angela Duckworth (author of Grit) really like to ask people questions, and came to believe there’s no such thing as a stupid one. So they made a podcast where they can ask each other as many “stupid questions” as they want.

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