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Are you in the process of creating an online course, however, still find that most WordPress plugin suites are a little overwhelming for your actual needs?

Don’t worry, because you are not alone. In fact, we actually understand that your specific needs is probably aligned with your temperament, and requires a simple, but equally powerful solution to the ones we typically recommend.

This why we felt compelled to adding LearnDash to our list of “Noteworthy Business Tools”

Which course building plugin?

I’ve always felt that personality and temperament are factors that determine an individuals attitude towards learning and adopting new software.

For example, some people like software that allows a fluidity of movement, whilst others may prefer a software interface that provides a feeling of “constrained precision”.

Now, as part of our Noteworthy Business Tools project, whilst we may strongly advice and recommend our established all-in-one WordPress business software solutions.

Sometimes, in fact often, we come across much simpler alternatives to the ones on our roster. LearnDash is such a solution, and after researching user opinions we’ve decided to look a little deeper.

More Than 3 Reasons Why Consider LearnDash LMS for Your Business

Affordability, along with simple drag and drop editing, drip-feed content capability, quizzes and video implementation, It’s easy to conclude LearnDash as being the ideal WordPress online course building system for beginners…

In short, LearnDash is an easy to use LMS plugin software for WordPress, that through a simple course building interface, that sits on top of WordPress, allows you to build online courses quickly and with fewer complications.

This makes LearnDash is suitable for beginners, and especially if starting out with providing online courses as your main or sole business focus.

LearnDash provides many of the features that the older, but popular and established Learning Management System software provide. However, at a more affordable price than those comparable in feature. So you can expect to encounter similar content building and troubleshooting experiences.

Now, whilst exploring LearnDash for the first time, you cannot help but get the feeling that really, this is basically all anyone would need to efficiently start selling online courses and receiving payments through PayPal, from a private community or personal audience.

Built with premium features like drag and drop content ordering and editing,  content protection, quizzes, and video features such as Video Progression are just a few reasons for considering LearnDash as your LMS.

  • Simple to use
  • Content Secure
  • Extensible
  • Video friendly

User Experience

Referring to our previously mentioned philosophy regarding software and temperament. All-in-all, LearnDash with its “Focus Mode” feature helps with creating content tailored towards providing students (the end user) with a practical, intuitive and focused experience.

What can you do with LearnDash?

It’s no wonder that LearnDash has been the first worldwide choice for some the major universities, training organizations and entrepreneurs…

And so whilst you will have all the essentials for creating online courses from within the LearnDash plugin itself, such as creating lessons and awarding your students with certificates on the completion of designated assignments.

And with the added flexibility and power that WordPress and other platforms offer in terms of extensibility of functions and integration. You can explore further possible enhancements and additions  you can make to the whole of your e-commerce website offering.

It’s no wonder that LearnDash has been first choice for some the major universities, training organisations and entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Use with Drag and Drop Intuitive Page Editor
  • Drip-feed content in line with students activity
  • Create engaging quizies and contest
  • Video Implementation

Getting Started with LearnDash

LearnDash Plugin

WordPress Plugin: LearnDash Plugin



LearnDash Cloud Hosting

Full Hosting Solution: 
LearnDash Hosting

LearnDash QuickStart, Heads-up!

Launch new full cloud hosting or simply add the plugin to your WordPress website – That Simple!

Now finally, the juicy part, getting started with installing LearnDash LMS for WordPress.

Installing LearnDash

(1) Upload the LearnDash WordPress plugin, or,

(2) launch a new, fully-hosted course website with LearnDash cloud.

There are two primary options for getting started with installing LearnDash;
In order to help with budgeting, convenience and existing workflows.  The two options aim at answering the varying possible needs for a wide spectrum  of WordPress users.

To summarize; Upload the LearnDash plugin on a self hosted WordPress website, or opt-in for the LearnDash full hosting solution.

If you intend on adding video to your content, you should avoid YouTube if absolute privacy is a concern, and try hosting your videos with a service such as Vimeo, Wistia

For a hassle-free, straight out of the gate approach, go for the LearnDash cloud hosting option which will take care of all the intricacies involved with managing your own website hosting.

An Example of a Simple LearnDash Course Structure

Once LearnDash has been installed with the necessary configurations you will have immediate access to start generating courses and lessons.

Create 4 types of course offers including:

a) Open course – available to the general public

b) Free course – a free course for which users need to subscribe for access.

c) Recurring course – collect recurring payments for periodic courses.

d) Buy now – simple one-time purchase

e) Closed requires enrollment for full access.

Based on instructional design principles, below is an example of the LearnDash structure for delivering courses:


Level 1. Courses at the first level

Level 2. Lessons assigned to courses or grouped into sections

Level 3. Topics assigned to lessons

Level 4. Quizzes assigned to Courses, Lessons or Topics.


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