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Kwik Theme for WordPress


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Kwik Theme for WordPress and Thrive Theme Builder

Another Thrive Suite addition for an even more complete and customisable WordPress website building and marketing toolkit.

  • Desired Results in Less Time
  • Reliability with complimenting tools
  • Professional templates and page sections
  • Fast, optimised for Web Core Vitals
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Who is Kwik Theme for?

Especially optimised to maximise your site’s Core Web Vitals scores, Kwik is a fast loading, companion theme, configured with bold colors,  nifty icons and fast loading system fonts for Thrive Theme Builder for WordPress.

The Kwik theme is an offering available to all Thrive Suite users and is the perfect solution for most projects, from e-commerce stores, to agency websites and more.

kwik-feature-01-03 Publisher / Blogger Consultant / Agency eCommerce SEE DEMO

What are some of the favoured benefits of using Kwik Theme?

  • Desired Results in Less Time
  • Reliability with complimenting tools
  • Professional templates and page sections
  • Fast, optimised for Web Core Vitals

With your purchase of Thrive Suite you get everything you need including instant access to Thrive Theme Builder and Kwik.

If you are not familiar with Thrive Suite for WordPress you should take a look here.

However, in short, Thrive Suite is an all-in-one marketing toolkit comprising of essential WordPress plugins such as – Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Apprentice and much more.

How much does Kwik Theme cost?

Kwik is one of a number of tools that comes with a Thrive Suite membership, which will currently cost you $228 USD per year.

With this Thrive Suite yearly plan you will have access to all Thrive Themes Plugins, Thrive Theme Builder, Shapeshift and Ommi Theme. You will also have access to Thrive University and unlimited support and updates.

Get Thrive Suite

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Well, most things from Thrive Themes have been well received, and judging by what we’ve seen. Kwik is yet another solid, complimentary, and well thought out addition to the already powerful Thrive Suite.


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