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As well as being informative, this page has been produced both as an experiment to see how well the page builder Elementor copes with the Instant Article format.

What are Instant Articles?

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In a nutshell, Instant Articles are simple native formatted web pages optimised for instant delivery, and overall, a seamless interactive user experience. Ideal for publishers…

The introduction of Instant Articles is intended to provide both the end users and the content publisher with a native, clutter-free, fast, and simple user experience. 

Each Instant Article is defined with metadata in the HTML document, which includes information such as the canonical URL that tags back to the web-based version of the Instant Article.

Why should you create Instant Articles?

With it’s focus on speed, user experience and high performance, Instant articles seem to be a sure way for reaching a new, or broader audience for the long term.

Another benefit, is the opportunity to generate revenue through Instant Articles and Facebook’s Creator Studio revenue platform.

How to create Facebook Instant Articles?

To start creating Instant Articles you will need to have an existing Facebook Page, plus you will need to have access as an Admin or Editor.

Now, beyond the tinkering with Facebook, WordPress helps make the task very easy. By simply adding the required code to your pages you’ll be able to at least start with the process. Adding the code can be done easily using the ‘code’ (Text) editing mode in WordPress. 

If you are uncomfortable with editing code, use the Insert Header & Footer plugin and paste the code in the <head> field. 

The code (script) will look something like this:

<meta property="fb:pages" content="XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" />

Once your site can be verified you will be able to commence with all the necessary guided steps towards setting up your Instant Articles template and publishing your first 10 articles for review..


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