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Freemium Benefits

How the freemium business model serves as a mutually beneficial strategy for both providers and users.

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SoftwareFolder | Which Chatbot?

Which Chatbot?

Which Chatbot? Choosing a chatbot for the long-term. Would you have ever imagined just how the advent of AI technology would give rise to

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New Luminar Neo 2024 Roundup

Luminar Neo 2024 Roundup What would you like to edit today? Fueled by user feedback and advancements in technology, Luminar Neo has experienced an

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Design Appreciation Issue

SoftwareFolderNewsletter February 2024 Supplementary What Makes Good Design & Why Does It Matter? Design Appreciation & Aesthetics 1. Aesthetics Secrets Aesthetics has always been a mystery

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Ask Brain Issue

SoftwareFolderNewsletter JANUARY 2024 ASK BRAIN? Ask Brain Issue. Ask Brain CreatorBot From a customer-centric approach, our CreatorBot provides solutions for enhancing your business and projects.

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The SoftwareFolder CreatorsHub

“Bringing ideas to life is the challenge creators face on almost every project. At Software Folder not only do we inspire creators with tips and creative resource. We inspire by example…”

Materializing from a number of years quietly monetizing content through partnerships and independent Ecommerce related projects. SoftwareFolder has observed how the transformation and the significant impact of evolving technology trends, such as AI, and the most practical marketing strategies have not only evolved, but have also significantly changed the way in which enterprises, individuals and small businesses are able to operate and conduct a number of creative and productivity tasks far more efficiently than ever before. is a website platform that provides resources and inspiration for creators. We offers tips, creative resources, and examples to help creators bring their ideas to life. The website aims to inspire and support creators by providing valuable insights and actionable means of accomplishing tasks more efficiently. 

We cover various topics such as artificial intelligence, Google Sites, productivity, social media, and more. Additionally, the website also features a directory called “Creators@ Ideas Directory” which showcases different software rosters, brand partnerships, fact-checking resources, and creator partnerships

Bringing Ideas to Life

Bringing ideas to life is a shared challenge that resonates with both “business owners” and creators alike. In this context, while the definition of a business owner is self explanatory, “creators” on the other hand, may include; fine artist, photographers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, marketers, content creators, writers and individuals on a side-hustle.