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Get Started with Using Google Analytics from Your WordPress Dashboard.

There’s a Plugin for that…

We all know that WordPress is awash with plugins for almost every situation. Well, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong to assume that there’s bound to be a plugin that will allow you to monitor the activity on your WordPress website – Wouldn’t you? 


Of course. And this is where the pretty nifty WordPress plugin, MonsterInsights comes into play.  Although, to be fair Google themselves have also released a WordPress plugin solution for Google Analytics, it’s called Site Kit. So, unless you haven’t already done so, please download and install the plugin using the appropriate button above. 

Or, you can continue below and come back later… 

Install Monster Insights Plugin

From the plugins tab select Plugins > Add New

add new plugin

Select Upload to access the plugin from your desktop

add new and upload plugin


Finally, once installed, activate the MonsterInsights Plugin and run through the Wizard.

The Wizard will help you setup your site correctly. If you use WooCommerce, for example, the Wizard will take this into consideration during the process.

Monster Insights Wizard

With the MonsterInsights plugin installed and configured for your WordPress website, access the dashboard to start customising with additional Addons. Use the MonsterInsights plugin alongside WooCommerce to measure and highlight the campaigns which convert the most.

Use the MonsterInsights plugin alongside WooCommerce to measure and highlight your campaigns which convert the most.

Complete the form below to access your download securely:

[convertkit form=2019170]


Collect the data that matters to you.

Now here’s the fun part – It’s no wonder they’ve named this plugin “Monster” Insights. 

Is it because there is such a huge gap between knowing what’s happening on your website, from vaguely having an idea of what’s happening on your website?

MonsterInsights conveniently answers a number of issues marketers typically have when attempting to track specific aspects of their promotional and marketing campaigns. For example, Tracking outbound clicks, for measuring partner links,  is a much appreciated feature. 

But, that’s not all. Monster Insights will also help you take care of your websites SEO with its Headline Analyser tool.

Data geeks and those offering web consultancy and agency service will enjoy generating and sharing PDF reports on a range of different metrics (Show me).


MonsterInsights Addons List

See who’s clicking on your Google Adsense banner ads.

• Track authors, categories, tags, searches, users, and more.

Improve compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Enable tracking of your form views, submissions, and conversion rates.

See important metrics for individual posts / pages in your WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights Google AMP Addon enables accurate tracking of all mobile visitors to your AMP-enabled pages.

Sales tracking for your WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS or MemberPress stores.

Integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Instant Articles with just one click.

Easily enable Google Optimize on your WordPress site.

Adjust site speed and sample rate for Google Analytics.

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