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How to Become a Marketing Data Scientist



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Making Data Science Easy and Accessible to Everyone

“Whatagraph’s mission is to let everyone be a data scientist. We built a powerful tool to achieve that goal”

Justas Malinauskas, CEO of Whatagraph

Do you want to know what it is we like about Whatagraph

Well, I will tell you anyway.  It reminds me of an idea I once had, where I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I had a way of connecting all of my online activity and efforts with a central hub that would consolidate all the collected data and then provide me with the most optimum next action to take.

However, to design something like this would require a lot of time and expertise, and then what do you know! A number of similar concepts started to emerge from the crevices of the Internet highway. Whatagraph happens to be one of them…



What is Whatagraph?

In 3 words; Multiple Channel Marketing. However, in short terms, Whatagraph is a marketing data visualisation & automation platform that pulls all the data from the different channels you have assigned, into a single interface. 

Based on your data input, Whatagraph works with the aim of automating every aspect of your data analytics and providing you with informative, well-presented analytic reports. Perfect for media agencies and their clients.

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Do you need experience to use Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is for anyone looking for a tool that will allow efficient tracking of their data. This includes; solopreneurs and other small independent operations, right through to media agencies and marketing experts.

And as everything is simplified and automated, everyone can now make more sense of the data they collect.

You can input data from Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google My Business, etc. Plus, with the use of OpenAPI or Google Sheets create custom integrations.

Whether you are a marketing consultant, SEO expert or individual marketer, you certainly will NOT have trouble finding the integration to tools you already use. If you do, then make a request, the Whatagraph team are already waiting to hear from you.

Yep, Whatagraph currently seems to have all the major third-party marketing integrations ready at your fingertips, seriously, take a look.

What are the benefits of using Whatagraph?

The major benefit of using Whatagraph is for its ability to simplify the process of ‘pulling together’ multiple promotional channels and and consolidating all your metrics into an easy to understand and actionable overview format. 

Whatagraph allows anyone with a slight inclination for carrying out web related tasks to efficiently track analytical data.  

Benefits include:

• Save time and costs.
• Eliminate the need for using multiple tracking tools.
• Easily select from a number of different tracking options and widgets.
• Generate professional looking, easy to understand reports, (for clients or self).
• Automate reports and email to assigned recipients.
• Ideal for Social Media marketing (Perfect for marketing in general).
• Easy to use…

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Anyone who has tried promoting products and services online, and offline, will know that relying on what seems logical is often fraught with anomalies. 

For example, you may believe that the bulk of your audience will come from the country you are located and will visit your website from a mobile phone. 

Only to find this not to be the case and that most of your audience come from the USA and visit from a desktop.  

This where taking the data-driven approach will help correct your preconceptions and has proven to be a prudent approach for better informed decision making and therefor helping towards enhancing your online performance.

I think the problem for most of us however, is attaining data that you understand. This is where Whatagraph most definitely steps in. By simplifying and automating the process without causing a disturbance to your existing workflow.



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