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How I Use Luminar Neo


From the various social media comments I have come across, regarding the new release of Luminar Neo, it’s easy to realise just how some individuals may be perceiving Luminar Neo as a Photoshop, Lightroom or other photo-editing software replacement or alternative.

Well, it can be, but that depends on your photo-editing workflow.

Now, when I speak of your workflow, I refer to the editing process and software used in order to complete a task or project.

For this purpose I have prepared the following as a demonstration which will hopefully give you some ideas of how you can also take advantage of Luminar Neo. 

Composing an image for a book cover using Affinity Photo, Affinity Design and Luminar Neo.


Created using Affinity Photo, here is a quickly retouched image of a fairy, which is to be applied to a background image and then finally edited using Luminar Neo.

draft fairy example only

Once the composition has been decided further editing using Luminar Neo tools such as; sky replacement, plus adding sunrays…

Photo Editing Workflow

Well to start with, unlike Photoshop, or Affinity Photo for that matter, for me, Luminar is more like your Swiss Army Knife – a handy set of convenient tools. 

In my opinion Luminar is not truly comparable to the likes of Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo, as it is more of a “Finishing” tool with very powerful features, that are perfect for professional creative photographers and photo artists.

Take for instance the Portrait Tools, and how they allow you to readily edit different parts of a face, or skin, without all the preparatory work you would normally have to fiddle with using traditional software.

Luminar provides many convenient features that allow quick editing to images that may well have first been constructed in Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo and then finished in Luminar.

I guess that is why as well as being standalone products, Skylum’s software such as Luminar, can also be used as plugins from within Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Photo for macOs…


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