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High Dynamic Range Photography and Aurora HDR

What is HDR?

high Dynamic range photography aurora-hdr

In a short, High Dynamic Range or HDR Photography is a photographic process that uses a wide spectrum of photographic data in order to attain an images optimum amount of detail.

Typically this involves combining 2 or more photos, shot at different exposures, known as “bracketing”.

Intuitively, bracketing requires at least 3 images in order to capture the full spectrum of colour detail. This would require the photographer to take a number of shots of the same subject or composition, but using different aperture f.stops for each photo.

The aperture f.stops determines the amount of light allowed to reach the camera lens. So for example, 3 identical photos with 3 different f-stop ranges of exposure;

a) the mid-range exposure,
b) the highlights, and
c) the shadows.

How does *Aurora help?

*Please note that Aurora is no longer supported

Now, using AI-powered tone mapping technology and creating an HDR image from multiple bracketed shots, is fast and simple with Skylum’s Quantum HDR Engine. You see, *Aurora HDR is equip to meticulously analyse your photos and intelligently merge them for you.

The magic happens due to Skylum developers previously testing thousands of bracketed shots through a neural network and using the data retrieved for developing the necessary technology for achieving predictably satisfying results.