Freelance Hiring Tips

5 Steps to Hiring a Freelancer

Rather than trying to tackle a problem or task yourself, there often comes a time when finding and hiring a suitable freelancer is the most sensible and practical solution for the job at hand.

However, there is nothing more disappointing than hiring a freelancer that does not provide satisfactory results. Which is why many business owners and managers can be hesitant where it comes to hiring external services.

Unlike the trust bestowed in traditional freelance agencies, such as Aquent, today with a more internet centric approach to hiring freelancers, the doors have opened to a greater amount of discrepancies.

Which is why it is important to follow the 5 tips to hiring a freelancer below:

1. Give some Background

Provide a brief description of the business offer, product, or service you require help with. Include any details relevant to the task being commissioned to the freelancer.

2. Provide a written brief

In terms of task, provide a detailed brief of what is required from the freelancer. Where appropriate, also provide details of what is intended as well as any expectations.

3. Include necessary resource

With your brief, include any mandatory resource or relevant creative assets. This may include your logo, brand colours, tone of voice, and so on. On the other hand, it may be that you require the design of creative assets for a new campaign. In which case, include details of all the channels you wish to promote with.

4. Discuss Fees and Agree

Discussing money is often the “shy elephant in the room”. However, it is important, especially in order to ensure a long-term work relationship, that everyone is on the same page.

Offer a Freelance Service

In the world of digital services, there is a thriving marketplace. where as a creator, you can readily share your skills directly within a buyer community, with minimal effort or cost.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, developer, writer, translator, or voice-over artist. And you want a way to quickly make your skills available for hire.

These tips will help you find different ways to earn as a freelance creator:

1. Signup for a fiverr account

2. Join Fiverr as an Affiliate Partner

3. See our Partner Program roster


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