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#1 Free WordPress Automation Plugin

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Discover how to unlock a whole stack of 3rd party WordPress integrations at once…

FREE WordPress Automation Plugin

Unleash the power of pro automation using WordPress

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Take your WordPress projects to the next level today with smart automations. Create seamless experiences with your online courses and other end-user ‘funnels…’

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Thrive Automator Plugin

Next Level WordPress Website

Excited Thrive Suite users have been anticipating something new from the Thrive Themes lab for some time now. And what a timely announcement. Just when creativity, automation and AI technology are laying out new ways of producing creative work efficiently and aligned with digital possibilities.

100% Free WordPress Tool for Creating Smart Automations with Your Existing Tools

Drum roll please… as ThriveThemes releases its first new plugin now available to the general public.

What if I told you that it was possible to build a WordPress website that can automatically start sending a sequence of emails to your members and community.

So, for example, let’s say you have an online course. That when a student completes a topic you automatically offer additional content.

Or maybe, when someone abandons their shopping cart you automatically entice them with an offer or discount codes. 

Thrive Automator is a developer-friendly, API-driven plugin that connects ALL of your favourite plugins, tools, services, and apps, allowing them to communicate, share data, and trigger events.

Create multi-app data management systems based on actions visitors make on your website — its easier, faster and for free.

Whilst it’s true, that we’ve seen a number of general Thrive Suite enhancements over the years, plus during the early parts of 2020, the release of the new Thrive Theme Builder.

What we haven’t seen is the release of an actual WordPress Plugin until now. And so, introducing Thrive Automator and your chance to move to the next level with your WordPress projects.

What is Thrive Automator?

Thrive Automator is 100% free to download and use forever…

As an automation tool, Thrive Automator adds powerful backend functionality and integration to any WordPress website using 3rd party apps. 

A single integration allows users to unlock a whole stack of 3rd party integrations all at once. 

Quickly get started with setting up new hooks, registering actions triggers and seamless automations.

Automation workflow examples: 

• Trigger automations with Woocommerce purchases…

• Third-party developer friendly

•Automate email using conditional logic… 

• Automate trigger events with online course…



Download Thrive Automator (Free)

Developer Documentation


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