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Free Luminar AI Update

Luminar​ 1.0.1 is a free update for all existing Luminar​ users

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This is the first update since the release of Luminar AI. Whilst the updates are minor, the enhancements are in response to the feedback of existing Luminar users … [ continue ]

Luminar 1.0.1 What’s New?

LuminarAI 1 0 1 Edit
Now Colour Coded

Convenient Edit panel layout

With a more comfortable Editing panel layout, quickly  access the tools you want from one list.

Now there is no need to switch between tabs whilst editing. The Essential, Creative, Portrait, and Pro tools are divided into colour-coded categories,!

New pop-up when clicking the Import icon

Just to make things even easier when importing photos, add a folder of images or just a single image using the new intuitive icons.

Conveniently Simple Importing

Default Enhance Tool

The Enhance tool is super useful and can be deemed as the the sort of  “default tool” and not just because it comes first in the list of tools, but because it is also an easy way to improve a photo with just one Enhance slider.

Scrolling Templates Suggestions

From the For This Photo section, to choose the AI-recommended smart Template, you can now comfortably scroll the Templates using the left and right arrows. 

LuminarAI 1 0 1 Toning

Redesigned Toning tool

The Toning tool is generally used for adding a colour tone to your photos. Now, we have Shadows and Highlights buttons that matches the design of other Luminar tools.

Find all the tools you need with helpful tooltips 

Along with improved localisations in French, German, and Japanese. With the Luminar AI  1.0.1 update you can now learn what each feature does by simply hovering over the icons. 

Free Luminar AI Update

Luminar​ 1.0.1 is a free update for all existing Luminar​ users


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