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Free Image Editing?

When searching for a free photo editing software that compares with Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo feature for feature is very unlikely.


Free Image Editor?

If you are someone who regularly works with images, namely photographs, the chances are you already have an image editing program you reach for whenever you require some image enhancement, formatting, or resizing.

Finding a free photo editing software that compares with Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo feature for feature is very unlikely.

However, there are several capable alternatives that come close and could serve as effective solutions for your image editing needs below:

  1. Photopea: This is a browser-based image editor that closely resembles the Photoshop interface. It supports layers, masks, filters, and a variety of advanced editing features.

  2. Pixlr X: Another browser-based editor that offers a user-friendly interface and many essential editing tools. It’s not as feature-rich as Photoshop, but it’s a decent option for basic to intermediate editing.

  3. Paint.NET: A Windows-based software that strikes a balance between basic editing and some advanced features. It supports layers, various effects, and plugins.

  4. PhotoScape X: Available for both Windows and macOS, this software provides a range of editing tools, filters, and adjustments, making it suitable for various editing tasks.

  5. Darktable: While it’s more focused on raw photo processing and management, Darktable offers advanced editing capabilities similar to those found in Adobe Lightroom.

  6. RawTherapee: Another software primarily geared towards raw photo editing, it offers advanced controls for adjusting exposure, colors, and more.

Hope you find these useful.

Before You Insist on Free

Always bear in mind, that while there are excellent free image editors available, they might not offer the exact same level of sophistication and advanced capabilities as PhotoshopAffinity Photo or Luminar Neo

These premium software tools have invested heavily in their development and are recognized for their industry-standard features.

Which is why Luminar Neo stands out as the more universally appealing image editing software option, especially with its affordable pricing options and continuous innovations.

Luminar Neo is built from the ground up using AI technology. Which, in turn, simplifies the editing process by short-cutting the laboriously intricate editing chores typically involved with traditional photo editing. (We use Luminar Neo for all of our most recent photographic work.)

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