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What is a folder creator software?

Out of curiosity we wondered if there was software that enabled the customization of folders. And sure enough there was. But wait, there are different types of folder creators. It all really depends on what it is you want to do.

Do you want to create bulk folders and speed up the tedious repetition of creating project folders one-by-one?

Or, do want to get a little creative and create customized folder icons as a way of personalizing your desktop or presenting clients with clearly defined folders for those huge projects?

Either way here are a few different options we found for Mac users.

SoftwareFolder | Folder Creator

Figma Folder Structure Creator

If you know Figma you’ll appreciate this collection of components that allow you to easily create a folder structure tree.

SoftwareFolder | Folder Creator

Folder Creator X

Batch Folder Maker

With Folder Naming Options and Folder Structure, create multiple folders fast

SoftwareFolder | Folder Creator

Folder Engine

Color & Icons

Change folder icons and colors for personalization and presentation.

SoftwareFolder | Folder Creator

Colorful Folder

Custom Folder Icons

A simple and enjoyable way to personalize your macOS folders.