Let AI deal with the focussing…

Focus Stacking & Supersharp AI

Focus Stacking Extension

By combining a number of photos taken at different focal lengths, the algorithm behind the Focus Stacking Extension works by identifying and aligning key points associated with your chosen  image, resulting in a crisper overall finish.

The Focus Stacking Extension can stack and automatically align up to 100 source images and then crop them all based on the reference photo. Whilst at the same time automatically applying lens and chromatic aberration corrections for raw photos.

Here is an outline of the process:

• first the image is divided into small tiles.

• AI differentiates between the focused and unfocused tiles

• AI selects best focused tiles and combines into one image.


Supersharp AI

Is this the editing software response to a Gimbal device?

(LOL) I am in no way about to tell you that you no longer need your Gimbal gear, or even your trusty tripod. Losing focus happens to even the best of us…

Now, if you ever need to remedy blurred images due to a shaky camera, Supersharp AI logically stabilises your whole photo with a compression algorithm, that results in a crisp and naturally sharp looking photo.

So now you don’t have to think too hard about which tools to include in your regular photo editing workflow.


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