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Discover how to unlock a whole stack of 3rd party WordPress integrations at once.


How to introduce automation to your WordPress courses and other website user journey automations…

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Thrive Automator - New API Driven Thrive Suite 2021 Plugin 1st Look

Drum roll please… as ThriveThemes releases its first new plugin in over 3 years…

Whilst it’s true, that we’ve seen a number of general enhancements, plus during the early parts of 2020, the release of the new Thrive Theme Builder, which is actually a website theme builder, rather than a plugin.

And so, we haven’t seen the release of an actual Plugin until now.

Thrive Automator adds powerful backend functionality and integration with any Thrive Suite powered WordPress website and 3rd party apps. 

Read on to learn more…


Are you a developer?

Thrive Automator Public Beta

The plugin that connects all your web software and resource stack.

Excited Thrive Suite users have been anticipating something new from the Thrive Themes lab for some time now. And what a timely announcement. Just when creativity, automation and AI technology are laying out new ways of producing creative work efficiently and aligned with digital possibilities.

Thrive automator medium

How do I get started with Thrive Automator?

Existing users of Thrive Suite will simply need to sign into their accounts and locate the new plugin for free. The only thing is, your feedback and suggestions, if you have any of course, is the only requirement. 

Join as a developer or business user below:


What “is” and what you can do with Thrive Automator

Automate workflows: 

• Trigger automations with Woocommerce purchases…

• Third-party developer friendly

•Automate email using conditional logic… 

• Automate trigger events with online course…



Other 20/2021 New Releases & Updates

Thrive Theme Builder

Ommi Theme

Thrive Apprentice

Project Lightspeed

A single integration allows users to unlock a whole stack of 3rd party integrations all at once. 

Quickly get started with setting up new hooks, registering actions triggers and seamless automations… learn more




What you get with Thrive Suite

ThriveSuite Plugins List​

Probably the first WordPress full visual editing course builder, best drag and drop visual page editing, engaging quiz maker, custom theme builder, and a lot-lot more...

Thrive Theme Builder

Combined with Thrive Architect and Shapeshift – you’ve got a pretty powerful set of front-end tools at your disposal…

TTB Sales Page Last cta 03
shapehift pre build templates image 1 copy
TTB Sales Page homepages display 02 copy


Absolute online course editing. Now you can really design your online courses how you imagined, but better…

Thrive apprentice image 05
Thrive Apprentice Course Builder​ image 01


This old chestnut is the epitome of what is meant by visual website editing for WordPress. Learn why serious businesses are using Thrive Architect.

thrive architect page examples
thrive architect responsive 1

Ready to install?

As part of the effort to ensure that users make the most of Thrive Suite. You will not be short of free online courses or tutorials on the latest conversion focused tools and content marketing tips.

Get Thrive University

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