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Exploring Affinity Designer

A Firsthand Account


Welcome to the 2020s, a time when freelancers and creative individuals eagerly sought an affordable alternative to Adobe’s illustrious, yet somewhat pricey, suite of graphic design and photography software.

After a considerable wait, it appears a true contender has finally emerged on the scene.

Now, I might have voiced a similar sentiment before, but once you’ve had a taste of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, it becomes a challenge to embrace any other software. The blend of user-friendliness, adaptability, and intuitive design experience will undoubtedly spoil you, making anything else seem rather ordinary.

In my journey, the concept of …“ease-of-use” has evolved to mean ease within the context of one’s familiarity with a particular tool or product.

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Trying Affinity Designer for the First Time

Regarding vector graphic design software, Affinity Designer aligns with the digital technology savvy designers are accustomed to.

What sets Affinity Designer apart, however, is its adeptness in handling both vector and raster images.

Out of the box, it’s impressive. Speedy. Yet, one wonders about the long-term durability of such performance.

Especially as so many times in the past, current users of a specific software have become dissatisfied with new changes and developments.

Fortunately, in this case, I get the feeling Affinity is on the right track.

When you encounter the tagline “Imagined by designers, created for Mac.” in the context of Serif’s brainchild, Affinity Designer, there’s an anticipation that this offering should seamlessly integrate into your software arsenal, accommodating nuances effortlessly. And it does, at least for me.

The software boasts a familiar Mac aesthetic, an essence that’s best experienced firsthand.

Unlike previous Adobe alternatives I’ve sampled, Affinity Designer (as well as Photo) sidesteps the clunkiness and jittery experience often found in other budget-conscious design software.

A more comprehensive evaluation is in order – to ensure objectivity – to understand how Affinity Designer seamlessly aligns with workflows and handles daily demands over extended periods. But that’s a discussion for another time.

Other Affinity Software

In a spontaneous, real-world scenario, I found myself adeptly navigating Affinity Designer’s features during my inaugural use.

Granted, there were moments of slight confusion when locating certain tools and functions. However, solutions were always a few clicks away, neatly organized in the relevant menu tabs.

Now, before delving into an exhaustive list of pros, why not experience this firsthand? Give it a spin yourself – a free trial awaits. If it suits your needs, the one-time purchase won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

But wait, there’s more – a secret trove of budget-friendly creativity-related software, possibly catering to the marketing aficionado. While I haven’t taken all of them for a thorough spin just yet, the reviews and demonstrations I’ve experienced hold much promise.


Using the Affinity Designer pen tool and managing the subsequent layers can be a little awkward, I recall using the software and repeatedly thinking, I’m not impressed, I’m not impressed…

However, as with most other software, once familiarity sets in, you become accustomed to the quirks and adjust to how the software works best for you.

Nonetheless, in my opinion Affinity Designer is still undoubtedly the most advanced Adobe Illustrator alternative.



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